Woodpackers by Hair Arena Intercoiffure

Masculine hairstyles
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Hair Arena Intercoiffure brings a new collection of masculine hairstyles under the banner of Woodpackers. The name evokes the rugged and natural man, and the styles bear this out.
The looks are tailored to the individual and can be adapted to the needs of any man for whom the basic style would seem appropriate. All in all, this is a group of very modern looks which would appeal to many men.

Tousled Hair

Men's hair with styling for a tousled look
Sexy men's haircut
Starting with the basic look of a traditional men's cut, this style adds in a lot of deeply chunked elements. The hair color is a base of sable with warm, nutty highlights that make a perfect complement to a masculine style.
The choppy texture of the hair ensures a softened perimeter, and almost guarantees an effortless, tousled and sexy look. Blow-dry the cut with a texturing paste and use the fingers to give the layering some direction and you can have a dramatic look.

Wispy Fringe

Traditional men's haircut with short back and sides
Hairstyle with a wispy fringe for men
This look initially appears similar to hairstyle one, and is indeed based on a traditional men's haircut. However, where the first style in this collection simply followed the "short back and sides" format and elongated it, this style is more closely related to the traditional collegiate or even the Devil-lock style.
The deeply tapered sides and back are heavily textured, but the fringe area is left longer and is chipped in for a lacy, wispy look.

Wild Men's Hairstyle

Razor-cut long-layered hair and choppy texture for men
Wild haircut for men
The shag is back in a big way. This long-layered look is razor-cut and creates a wild and wooly finish for a bold and daring individual. The neutral blonde highlights, over dark-blonde base tone, create a means to enhance the choppy texture of the hair.
Styling consists of diffused blow-drying with a texturing paste and the fingers to give a softly defined shape and direction to the layers.

Long Men's Haircut

Long men's haircut with razor cut finishing
Long-haired style for men - Side vie
This long-haired style is ideal for fine-textured hair and features razor cut finishing on an overall blunt-cut style. The forward edges of the cut - including the long fringe - are gently curved to provide a counterpoint to the squared jaw of the model's face.
The styling is simple: a straight blow-out with a flat brush and smoothing serum to add a little weight and silkiness without inhibiting the natural swing of the hair.
Hairstyle: Hair Arena Intercoiffure
Photography: Marina Sturm
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