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Doris Fuchs made hair fashion wearable once again. The latest trends and some all-time favorite elements have gone into the creation of her collection of hairstyles which have many fans, especially among professional women. Fuchs focuses this time on feminine lines and structures in mostly long hairstyles.
Gentle play with textures, layering and face-framing tapering are just the beginning of her collection. Her sleek looks are very silky and slender, the curls ravishing, the short look feisty and chic and there is also some glamorous retro influence.
Color is used to bring out the beauty in each woman, matching her type and skin tone. The hues are in the natural range and cover the entire spectrum from highlighted blondes over warm browns to endlessly deep black.
A few surprising splashes of color and a very exclusive hair coloring technique turn up the finesse meter by several degrees. All of the Fuchs hairstyles are très chic and radiate the confidence of the women who are looking for an easy to care for everyday look that is modern but not overbearing.

Striking Streaks

Shoulder long blonde hair with highlighs and streaks
Shoulder-long layers are cut straight at the bottom, with just a little texture added in the tips. The real drama happens along the sides where a steep tapered line has a beautiful feathery texture that frames the face in blonde softness. Of course the color plays a huge part in the success of this look as well, and the various shades of blonde were applied in a different pattern in separate areas of the hairstyle.
Long wide, super light streaks flow from the crown down the sides and come out right next to her face. The highlights in the fringe are as a contrast extremely fine and subtle and the lower section around the shoulders is of a lighter, golden color throughout. This intricate play of light and shadow makes this medium length hairstyle a real treat.

Blue Extensions

Blue hair extensions
It is not only her blue eyes that are in a mutually enhancing contrast with the deep and rich brown color of her hair. A few strands that peek through in the feathered and curved inward tapered sides are just as stunning and lift up the spirit.
Ocean blue could not be more opposite the earthy base tone, but the two harmonize as if made for each other. The cut itself is over the shoulder long, sleek, gently layered and has a good amount of texture to keep the look and flow soft.

Golden Layers

Neat long hairstyle with face framing tapering
Hair that grows over the shoulder needs a good cut just as much as short hair to look stylish and neat. This long haircut with fine layers and face framing tapering is perfect for professional women who like their hair long, but also need a neat, modern look for the office.
The fringe is playful with some fine strands that transition into a longer section, which is then styled off to the side. Styling keeps things sleek, smooth and shiny. The medium blond color of the hair turns sunny and bright with a top layer of thin sandy blonde highlights.

Glamorous Black Curls

Black hair with curls and a side fringe
Long curls are always luxurious and glamorous. Dipped in this deep raven color the effect is even more dramatic with a good portion of mystery. The hair reaches far below the shoulders and is cut in long layers to aid with the distribution of the volume and to reduce the weight a little.
Parted on the side the long fringe falls off to both sides and completes the flattering frame around her face. The curls are mostly well defined and separated, but they alternate with a few gently tousled sections that keep things natural.

Short Hair with High Volume

Blonde above the collar hairstyle for active women
Active women love this kind of hairstyle. Short enough to keep them cool in all situations and with enough length to style the hair in many different ways to their hearts content. The long fringe was lifted up and curved backwards for a large quiff that exuded a retro and androgynous charm. Sides and back are skillfully graduated and have a very clean outline.
The sparkle comes in with the champagne hair color that has some very attractive silver accents in selected places. This style looks especially good with turtlenecks and blouses or jackets that have collars, which can be turned up. It is fresh and polished, but also very modern and highly flexible.

Springy Layers

Hairstyle with a sleek top and bouncy curls along the sides
The many layers start at the level of her eyes which leaves the top sleek and round while the sides are full of springy, bouncy curls. A diagonal cut of the fringe makes a great fashion accent and the color with its interplay of a smoky brown and a rich merlot color is subtle yet extravagant.
All of the curls were styled to a feathery lightness with the main direction of flow towards the back. This gives the entire look a lot of momentum and controlled volume that does not overpower her face.

Blast of Curls

Festive blonde hair style with spiral curls
You don't need a holiday to wear your hair in a festive style. Here the over shoulder long hair, cut into layers, was curled to happy spiral curls that surround her head like a bouncy golden wreath.
The crown is gently waved and gets a lot of structure with the intricate play of gold, dark silver and platinum, applied in wide streaks. The fringe is short, barely touching her eyebrows and entertains the same colors. In the curls it is the golden blonde color that is the most dominant.

Rockabella Up-Style

Retro rockabella updo for blonde hair with curls
Go pink and style your hair in a rocking retro look that celebrates the 1950s and takes some of those famous elements of style to our decade. Of course there has to be a well sized quiff and a high styled bouncy back that goes along with all of her dance moves.
To style this, the hair was separated in three sections, the middle curled up and tugged in to form the formidable wave on her crown, the other two were pulled to the back and pinned tight with the tips of the hair forming a fancy ridge of feminine curls.

Casual with Glam Factor

Relaxed medium length haircut with an open fringe
A relaxed hairstyle with a ring of curls all around the head and a straight crown. The volume is reduced with a fine layering, and the focus is not on opulence but on the shape and structure of the contrasting textures.
The medium length hair frames the face and an open fringe is pushed over to the side. This look does not look over styled and has a pleasing casual appeal, while it is polished and modern. Golden blonde sets the tone, but a few platinum highlights increase the charisma and glimmer tremendously.

Touchable Textures

Haircut with buzz cut sides for men
A short stubble is all that is left on the sides but right at the temple line the hair increases in length up to a couple of inches on the crown. The contrast of the military buzz cut length and the top is intriguing and super trendy.
Styled to soft spikes this look also comes with a rebellious edge and a lot of rugged charm. Of course some fashion sense suits men just as much as women and that is where the hair color comes in. Dark blonde in the base, it turns great with golden blonde tips.
Hairstyles: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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