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Doris Fuchs Art of Hair

Hairstyles Collection 2010

Doris Fuchs made hair fashion wearable once again. The latest trends and some all-time favorite elements have gone into the creation of her latest collection of hairstyles which have many fans, especially among professional women. Fuchs focuses this time on feminine lines and structures in mostly long hairstyles.
Gentle play with textures, layering and face framing tapering are just the beginning of her collection. Her sleek looks are very silky and slender, the curls ravishing, the short look feisty and chic and there is also some glamorous retro influence.
  • blonde hair with highlighs
  • blue hair extensions
  • neat long hairstyle
  • black hair with curls
  • above the collar hairstyle
  • bouncy curls
  • festive hairstyle with spiral curls
  • retro updo
  • haircut with an open fringe
  • haircut with buzz cut sides
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Color is used to bring out the beauty in each woman, matching her type and skin tone. The hues are in the natural range and cover the entire spectrum from highlighted blondes over warm browns to endlessly deep black.
A few surprising splashes of color and a very exclusive coloring technique turn up the finesse meter by several degrees. All of the Fuchs hairstyles are tres chic and radiate the confidence of the women who are looking for an easy to care for every day look that is modern but not overbearing.
Hairstyles: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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