Photos of Hairstyles for Men and Boys (13)

Men deserve a great haircut too! There’s a wide variety of men’s hairstyles, including classic styles, long hair, buzzcuts, razor cuts, trendy cuts and more. There’s something for everyone. Never hesitate to show your barber or hair stylist photos of looks that you like. Here are photos of hairstyles for men and boys to get you started!
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  • Layered men's hair with slick styling
  • Short back and sides hairstyle with gel
  • Short and forward styled men's hair
  • Male hair that was cut to the scalp
  • Flat top haircut with classic lines
  • Guys hairstyle with a flipped-up forelock
  • Man with wavy mid-chest long hair
  • Afro inspired hairstyle for men
  • Traditional Mod look hair for men
  • Fifties boys look with short hair and a turtleneck
  • Modern version of a flat-top cut
  • Short haircut with curved bangs for boys
  • Boys cut with a short back and longer curled front
  • Short haircut with over the eyebrows bangs for men
  • Men's cut with buzz-cut short back and sides
  • Short back and sides hairstyle for an older man
  • Men's haircut with neat lines and smooth styling
  • Men's haircut with neat sides and wavy top hair
  • Classic male hair with side burns
  • No worries haircut for men
  • Look with smooth short hair for men
  • Male hairstyle to wear with glasses
  • Men's hair with a sleek fringe
  • High volume hairdo for men with natural curls
  • Boys haircut with very short sides
  • Bob haircut for men
  • Modern cut for men with natural curls
  • Smooth hair with long bangs for men
  • Guys hairstyle with a quiff and sideburns
  • more men's hairstyles

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