L'uomo by Paul Gehring for ALCINA

Men's hairstyles
Undercuts, curls and adventurous fringes are in store for the fashionable man this season. Hair fashion for men is thriving with new takes on old classics and very refined styles, that are highly creative and masculine. Low side parts are a major design element as well as a fine balance between control and allowing the hair to flow according to its natural course.
Hair colors for men remain grounded with shades of blonde, brown and black, but not without some playful and effectful applications of dark and light to enhance. To up the ante even more, each style comes with alternative styling suggestions. Versatility is in!
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Wet Look Curls for Men

Hair with wet look curls for men
Sporty hairstyle with curls for men
Curly hairstyle with a fringe for men
Haircut for active men with curly hair
Sporty short curls are spruced up with a little gel to give him this fresh out of the water look. The longest layer reaches from the top to the length of his deep fringe. From there on the hair is layered in a steep angle.
A short neckline and much springy texture throughout makes this a perfect cut for active men with a natural curl. Just wash, ruffle through it and go. Check out the next image for an alternate styling.

Abundant Curls

Layered men's hair with curls
Man with blonde curls
Layered men's hair with curls
Without any wet look product the curls in his layered cut spring up to their full volume. Now the importance of the layers becomes even more evident, as they control the shape and keep things manageable as well as light and balanced.
The long fringe and short neck are seamlessly connected by the angled sides. His hair color is a very natural blonde with slightly darker accents in the back and underneath. Natural and sunny combined with a neatly groomed short beard.

Stylish Undercut for Men

Undercut hair for men
Men's hair with a retro quiff
Men's hairstyle with lifted top hair
Side view of a men's haircut with undercutting
As versatile as it gets and infused with extreme style in from follicle to tips. The magic is done with a super short undercut on the sides and top hair that has a generous length of at least a couple of inches. It shortens gradually from forehead to the neck.
The cut also features a very crisp part between the sections of differing length. Here the top hair was lifted and styled to a retro quiff that falls in a soft and fluid flow towards back. Take a look at the photos below, which show other angles of this handsome look.

Classic Cut

Classic men's hair with undercut
Haircut with bangs for men
Male hairstyle with long top hair
Male haircut with long top hair
He is serious about his looks and uses the latest trends to bring out the best in his features. The shape of a classic men's haircut is transformed by a section with a very short undercut right before the ear and connected to his groomed sideburns.
The top hair has enough length to be worn in many different ways. Here it is parted low and moved over to one side, with a nice little swing in the fringe. The bangs are in fact the longest part of this cut. Check below to find out what more you can do with them!

Undercut with Beard

Masculine style with a beard - Side view
Masculine look with a beard and sideburns
Man with his hair styled back
Reddish blonde hair and a beard
This neat beard just seems to go on and on. It has the same length as his short undercut hair and both are connected via the bridge of his sideburns. The top hair, separated by a clean line, is significantly longer and styled form fitting from front to the back. This style also features some interesting coloring effects.
Very subtle lines of a medium light, reddish blonde stream through his brown hair and are also reflected very naturally in patches of his beard. See below for the other angles of this masculine and super cool style!

Sidepart with Undercut

Modern haircut for men - Side view
Hairstyle with a long fringe for men
Men's hair with sleek styling
The fringe is long enough to be tucked behind one ear and that is not the only surprise in this gorgeous haircut for men. Simplicity finds finesse and all comes in a radiant hair color, which is almost natural. A light reddish tint in his beard repeats itself in small strands through his hair.
All about this look is smooth and sleek. It brings together a classic look with a modern attitude expressed in all of its fine details.

Sleek Top

Versatile hair for men - Side view
Modern look for men - Hair and beard
Fashion hair and beard for men
Modern warriors of fashion wear their hair with undercuts. A most versatile design allows him to change his look when he wants to, just with a move of the comb.
The top hair is long enough to cover the undercut section on the side and is styled towards the back in a sweeping curve. Everything seems to be in motion.

Sleek and Tamed

Contemporary hairstyle for men - Side view
Men's hair with sleek styling
Trendy hair for men
Modern male look with a bow tie
The length of his hair gives him great styling opportunities. He can wear it wild and free, but also all posh and controlled with a little bit of styling product. The vintage feel of this ruggedly styled hairdo is sexy and trendy.
Contemporary tradition is the word of the day and it can also be found in his bow tie accessory that underwent a modern make-over.

Full Curls for Men

Men's hair with curls - Side view
Hair with curls and a low sitting fringe for men
Dark hair and Latin curls for men
Practical hairstyle with curls for men
This fabulous collection started with curls and ends that way. Dark, Latin style curls throw a mysterious shadow over his eyes with a low sitting fringe. The sides are short enough to reveal the ears and the neck is practical and short.
All power is in the front and with just a little curl enhancing gel this look will last him all day and all night.
Hairstyles: Paul Gehring
Photos: ALCINA