Haircuts for Men & Boys (9)

Haircuts are a crucial element of a men’s image. A hairstyle can make or break your look and deciding on a suitable cut can be a daunting task. A hairstyle choice should be based on your hair type, your individuality and your lifestyle. Here is inspiration for men’s haircuts that are sure to turn heads!
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  • Hairstyle with lift on top for young men
  • Hair with clean contoured sides for boys
  • Tough guy haircut with shaggy layers
  • Short men's haircut with elongated crown sections
  • Choppy haircut with volume for boys
  • Male haircut with horseshoe curved bangs
  • Wearable style for boys with long hair
  • Haircut for men with naturally curly hair
  • Man with bouncing curls
  • Short male haircut with tapered sides
  • Men's hairstyle with an elongated forelock
  • Layered men's cut with long sideburn areas
  • Semi Mohawk hairstyle for guys
  • Modernized version of a classic men's haircut
  • Boyish haircut with varying hair lengths
  • Men's hairstyle with layers and a sleek finish
  • Multi-tonal blonde shag hairstyle for men
  • Long hair with spiral curls for men
  • Short helmet inspired haircut for guys
  • Dynamic hairstyle with long bangs for boys
  • Practical men's cut with short bangs
  • Retro high top hair for men
  • Man with traditional short hair and a full beard
  • Smart hair with short sides for men
  • Masculine cut with short sides and top volume
  • Male hairstyle with cropped sides and length on top
  • Fresh and sporty men's hair with clipper cutting
  • Preppy short hair and turtleneck look for boys
  • Rugged male look with messy hair
  • more men's hairstyles

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