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Art Shape

Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise

  • hairstyle with elongated strands in front
  • mushroom haircut
  • bob with a slight asymmetry
  • long asymmetrical haircut
  • men's haircut with easy styling
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The Carousel du Louvre in Paris was the perfect place for Haute Coiffure Francaise to showcase their new collection of stunning hairstyles for spring and summer. The name "Art Shape" could not have been chosen more fittingly as the looks that graced the catwalks are of a timeless beauty, done with utmost in artistry of cut and finish.
Smooth styling supports the geometric silhouettes and each cut is designed with a gentle minimalism to not overpower the features but to showcase the individual beauty of each person.
Unlike in recent decades the artistic demonstration here does not require edgy lines, spikes and dramatic color contrasts. What we see in HCF's new collection are round, organic shapes and colors that can be found in nature. Dark browns and spice colors full of fire make the palette; curved lines and subtle asymmetry are the key notes in the meticulously performed cuts.
"A mysterious garden with clear shapes and spectacular lines. The Art Shape Collection is conjuring up the classics. This is the motto of Haute Coiffure Francaise for their spring / summer collection.
Hairstyles & Copyight: Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise
Photography: Alain Bocquet
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