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Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks Haircuts

Hair trends for men and women
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The summer looks exhibit creative versatility and set new standards in hair fashion.
Summer, unlike any other season, ignites in us a desire for change and novelty. Stirred by the first rays of sunshine and the warmth of the season, a yearning emerges - for transformation and adventure.
It's the perfect time for change: the hair trend visions for spring and summer 2009 by the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks (ZV), the Association of the German Hairstyling Trade, provide an ideal foundation for this. These creations showcase the virtuosity of their creators and have the potential to become tomorrow's classics.
Whether it's soft modifications or expressive statements inviting a total reinvention of yourself, everything is possible. From soft, flowing textures radiating natural wholesomeness to luxurious retro looks evoking the glamour of days gone by, and even extremely graphic looks with futuristic expressiveness, summer presents a cornucopia of styling variations.
Women's styles are dominated by feminine big hair, and pixie cuts are back, bedazzling us with their unconventional and feisty charm. Men opt for surprising accents: looks that incorporate skillful breaks from tradition through an artistic play with contrasts. Whether it's the nerd style, Elvis quiff, or a vertical high hair, it doesn't matter as long as there's a casual and authentic appeal.
A must for this summer: highlights providing subtle or bold reflections, enhancing the glow of the base color, together with shapes that are airy and vivacious. For hair that looks kissed by the sun and caressed by a gentle ocean breeze.

Short and Fresh Haircut

Long pixie with a variation of lengths
Feeling feisty? This hairstyle is perfect for anyone with an ounce or more of quirkiness and vivacity. The lovely short haircut is a long pixie cut with plenty of texture, created by cutting the hair at various angles to achieve varying lengths.
It's a fun look with numerous styling options, allowing you to transform it into a totally different character. Check out the upcoming photos and schedule an appointment with your stylist soon! The blonde hair color adds to the lightness of the cut, but it also looks great with all the other wonderful hair colors out there.

Romantic Short Hair

Romantic short hairstyle with messiness and movement
Even short hairstyles can exude romance and femininity. Of course, her shoulder-free outfit plays a significant role, but the charming lines of her haircut stand out on their own. To achieve this captivating movement in the hair, the tresses were combed from the back of the crown forward and finger-styled into wispy tendrils of seductive flair.
A bit of messiness is highly desired, but avoid overdoing it; maintain a clear direction and texture. With the ends turned out in such a soft yet distinct manner, the fun can begin!

Light and Easy Summer Look

Easygoing and fun short hairstyle - Side view
Wow them at the beach, pool, lake, and afterward at the boardwalk cafes with this easygoing and fun, fresh haircut. Designed for lightness and texture, and a true chameleon when it comes to expressive styling options, this short hairstyle with a pixie cut soul will be one of your best friends this season.
The length of the hair allows you to create as much or as little movement as you want, and you can dress it up or downplay it as desired. Of course, all of your fancy earrings will now get the attention they deserve.

Elegance in Short

Elegant short haircut with a long diagonal fringe
Yes, a sassy short haircut can indeed be elegant. Styled with softer lines in this version, the character changes from rebellious and flirtatious to feminine and elegant. No more wispy ends; instead, the tips are gently curved low, keeping them close to the head.
The long fringe is styled slightly diagonally across her forehead, dipping a bit lower between the eyes but not obstructing her view. Sophistication with a modern flavor is the theme, and it pairs well with the little black dress, a summer dress, or even business attire.

Smooth Bob

Smooth bob with a pointed shape
Go for the edge! Bobs will never be the same after this innovative creation. The smooth shape is disrupted by nothing less than an artistic slash of the scissors, dividing the side into a triangle and a pointed shape. This asymmetrical haircut offers a different look on each side, making boredom with your hair a thing of the past.
It's daring but very wearable. Two-toned coloring adds a soft marbled effect, achieved through the application of hair color in thin layers. An earthy brown paired with a warm red ensures that every movement of the hair reveals a new pattern.

Longer and Shorter Side

Haircut with a shorter and a longer side
Seen from the front, the edgy haircut from the previous picture also reveals a sensational shape. A shorter and a longer side frame an oval cutout over her face. The cutting line has soft texture and flows organically while covering one of her eyes.
The hair was treated with a softening product that adds shine and sleekness without any stray hairs. Her hair color, with its two exciting tones and changing patterns, is showcased to perfection with this sleek surface and amazing shine.

Short and Longer Layers

Short haircut with a transition from short to longer layers
Pump it up! What a difference a bit of air between the individual hairs makes! Filled with maximum volume, the asymmetrical haircut boasts a fundamentally different shape and energy. Now, the intricacies of the cut become more evident.
The transition from the short to the longer layers reveals intricate textures and sparkling color variations. Even though the character is modern and edgy, there is much softness and warmth in this hairstyle. At the front, the line of the jagged fringe runs across the entire face in a diagonal line and curves around the cheeks into the chin.

Slimming and Slender

Short hairstyle with a slimming slender effect
A bit more relaxed and softer than the styling before, the hair now takes on a smooth, casual elegance with a bit of bohemian flair. The lines are lower, rounder, and less pointy. Emphasis is on smooth flows but still with all of the volume that a round brush and a hairdryer can create in the layered and beautifully shaped look.
The longer hair in the back hugs the neck and provides a slimming, slender effect to the entire style. This is a perfect style for laid-back days, strolls through town, and even for exciting dinner dates.

Round Harmony

Classic round hairstyle with undercut
Don't be scared of going round. Not necessarily around your hips, but when it comes to your hair, you don't have to hold back. This classic round haircut is once again in the focus of fashion-forward women, and it is as flattering and unique as ever.
Only a few hairstyles have both a retro and futuristic appeal at the same time. This balanced, symmetrical look makes a statement in every setting and every era, whether gone or yet to come.
The secret to its perfection is an undercut that allows the hair to gently curve inward. With a styled lift to the roots, a bit of volume also comes naturally and looks very natural. Make sure to have a smoothing lotion at hand, since this hairstyle is most dramatic when there are no random hairs flying around.

All Season Look

Round cut with shorter hair on the inside
With its inherent elegance, you never have to worry about looking just swell. The round cut, also known as the mushroom cut or bowl cut, features an undercut, meaning shorter hair on the inside and a couple of shaping elements that coax the top hair to turn inward and remain in place without much effort.
Even in outdoor and casual situations, all you need is a bit of smoothing product to keep the hair from flying randomly and to add some shine.

Messy Styling

Short hairstyle with messy styling and an inward curve
The inner layers not only assist the top hair in curving inward but also add exciting texture, movement, and volume to the short hairstyle when deliberately styled in this controlled messy way.
Always in style, wild looks are flirtatious, romantic, and just plain fun to wear. Mousse and texturizing products are the little magic bottles to use.

Round Cut

Messy morning after styling for a round haircut
Transitioning from classic to sexy only requires a change in styling and a bit of product. The elegant round haircut has many facets waiting to be discovered, and it doesn't have to be smooth and cool all the time. Things heat up with the messy 'morning after' styling.
Mousse for volume, some wax or other texturizer to accentuate individual strands and tips – that's all you need for an exciting style that can be achieved with a wide comb and your fingers.

Retro Long Hair

Retro long hair
Feminine locks inspired by famous fashion eras are built on a simple cut: long layers with a rounded edge. This versatile base allows for a variety of styles, from natural and casual to utterly glamorous, and everything in between.
Here are just a few lovely looks that can be created with this perfectly executed base cut. Her hair falls gracefully over her shoulders, complemented by a warm, medium brown color with golden highlights – a timeless choice that pairs beautifully with the versatility of this cut.

Smooth with Top Volume

Long 60s volume hairstyle with curled out ends
The 1960s are calling, tempting us with a high-volume hairstyle that boasts a smooth and shiny surface, complete with curled-out ends. This curvaceous creation epitomizes the beauty of retro looks, and in its modern iteration, it exudes softness and flow while retaining the elegance and ultra-femininity of its iconic predecessor.
To achieve the volume at the crown, the hair is teased along the roots and then smoothed over, first towards the back and then down the sides, creating one graceful curve. Paying attention to details is crucial, with the chic outward swing in the ends being a must-have.

Layers and Highlights

Long hairstyle with loose curls and motion - Side view
A frothier styling approach takes advantage of the low-set layers, injecting the previous elegant stillness with dynamic motion. While the long hair remains styled away from the face and back, it adopts a more casual swing and less controlled contours. Loose curls add dazzle, complementing the grand curve that sweeps from her forehead to the nape.
The side view highlights how this shape benefits from the flow of hair, enhanced by fine highlights. A honey gold hue sits atop a mane of medium brown, accentuating the movement while adding visual volume and depth.

Side Part

High volume retro hairstyle with a side part
Another way to style the low-layered, high-volume retro look is by adding a side part for added flair. This division of the hair into a dominant and smaller side always exudes a touch of luxury and sophisticated chic.
This approach also aligns more closely with the natural flow and fall of the hair, requiring less product to maintain its shape throughout the day or night. With gentle teasing at the roots, the hair retains ample lift from within. The wavy, layered lower quarter of the hair forms a messy swirling mass of pure delight.

Geeky Modern Man's Look

Modern and geeky men's hairstyle
Who's the nerd now? Brainiacs are in, and so are geeky hairstyles reminiscent of early Bill Gates hair fashion, or the lack thereof. With some modern updates, the practical and understated look takes on a new vibe, and we all know that young geeks often evolve into wildly successful individuals sooner or later.
Let's celebrate the ultra-short bangs styled into a single line at the upper edge of the forehead, the ruffled texture, and a few random stray strands standing at the back of the crown. A soft brown hue is equally understated but leaves us with a feeling of warmth.

Finger Ruffling

Short hairstyle with finger ruffling for young men
With all the straight lines in the contour, this short hairstyle for young men can handle a good dose of texture. The crown is the focal point, and with a bit of product and finger ruffling, this styled yet unstyled look is quite handsome.
The key element is the straight fringe, so short it barely reaches his forehead. Not only does it keep his head cool, but it also acts as a magnet for women who appreciate dapper, smart men.

80s Styling for Men

Men's haircut styled with the fingers
Going from geek to retro just means changing the direction of the hair. Instead of hugging the face and hanging straight down the sides, the sides of his short men's haircut are now styled back, revealing the ears.
The thick line of the fringe is now loosened up, showing more texture and a lighter, casual chic. The finishing touch is on the crown with the most movement so far, styled with fingers and a dollop of product.

Short Hair for Men

Wet look hair with gel for men
A little bit of wet look in the hair is all the rage again. But the hair has to stay flexible and not look as if the entire head was dipped in resin. The use of a little gel gives hold and the desired wet look to his short haircut and as a side effect also adds shine.
All of the hair was ruffled with the fingers, the fringe loosely pulled onto the forehead, and the sides are pushed back so that the narrow but manly sideburns can radiate their fashionable charisma.

Get Up, Stand Up

Men's hair that stands up in spikes
... for your fashion rights. Men should have the same choices as women when it comes to big hair, dramatic looks, and styling to express themselves. There's no reason they shouldn't get what they desire. Tradition has made way for rebellious styles, radical shapes, and gravity-defying stylings.
Quiffs and spikes are super trendy once again, and this look combines the essence of both. High in front and textured throughout, it's a knockout look. Elvis meets punk, bringing a new dimension to men's hair.

Eccentric and Retro Look

male hair cut with close sides
This might be the hairstyle James Dean would be wearing if he were alive today. It's a highly textured cut, defying gravity with the help of a good styling product, and showing off its edgy side with varying lengths.
The sides of this male haircut are kept conservative and close to the head, creating a striking contrast to the flamboyance spiking around on top. His hair color is a smooth medium brown, softening and warming the rebellious look.

Diagonal Styling for Men

Men's haircut with diagonal styling
Since the front is longer than the back, this radical diagonal styling emerges beautifully with a long, sideways-pointed fringe. All the texture, which seemed rather blunt with the straight upward styling, now takes on a different character, surprising us with its finely shredded and soft surface, showcasing movement and dimension.
The sides remain neat and tidy, not distracting from the real star of the style: the top section with all its styling options.

Textured Fringe

Side view of a men's hairstyle with lengthening towards the front
Seen from the side, the gradual lengthening from the back towards the front becomes very evident. Subtlety is overrated; who needs it when men can have radical chic like this?!
Texture galore and a perfectly balanced hairstyle are the new accessories for men who care about their appearance and don't want to fade into the crowd. This haircut combines several classic elements but exaggerates them to create this rebellious flair.
The products he used give the hair a strong yet flexible hold and a matte sheen since a wet look is not always desired. With so many great products for men's hair on the market today, there's no excuse not to have cool hair with great styling. Go for it, boys!

Trend Haircut for Men

Men's hair fashion with short sides and sideburns
He wants it all, and with the new styles in men's hair fashion, he actually can have it! Long and short, all in one style. Tradition and modernity are mixed, once again proving that opposites do attract. Just like pink and orange. His sides are traditionally short, continuing into the back.
Small sideburns reflect current trends. Then comes the top, with its explosion of curls and gradually lengthening hair from the back to the long fringe. The curls look very natural and are enhanced with a styling product, falling softly over his face and reminiscent of certain looks from the famous 80s.

Disco Look for Men

Disco look hair for men
Yay! Disco is back, complete with satin and hairstyles reminiscent of the era. A long fringe adorned with plenty of curls practically begs for some 'Night Fever'.
Keeping things traditional with short sides and back in his haircut, he lets loose on top with a gradual lengthening towards the front and a display of wild curls that captivate attention.
Tall, dark, and handsome with a fun twist. Whether on the pulsating lights of a dance floor or anywhere else, he will turn heads with his unique and slightly eccentric style.

Retro Men's Look

Retro haircut for men
The long bangs can also be styled towards the back of his head, transporting us back in time. A modern vintage haircut emerges with classic short sides, a graduated back, and longer top hair, inviting for interesting plays with styling options.
His naturally curly hair even defies some styling products, which comes in handy for creating the larger curls casually playing above his forehead, giving him a dandy yet irresistible boyish charm.

Male Haircut with Slick Styling

Male haircut with slick styling seen from the side
There's a hint of rebellion with the slick styling and the curly quiff. This look exudes attitude and rhythm. With a good base cut that keeps the sides and the back short and neat, while leaving the top long enough to play with, there's no limit to his handsomeness.
The product he uses for hold and the cool little swing in his quiff also adds a lot of shine. A flexible gel or one of the new, less greasy pomades should be his tools of choice.
Photographer: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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