Looks for Men and Boys (16)

There are so many different haircuts and hairstyles out there for men to choose from, that it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. For inspiration, take a look at the men’s hairstyles ideas below. If you are unsure which hairstyle will suit you, consult with your hairdresser or barber.
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  • Practical buzzed haircut for men
  • Short layered haircut for boys
  • Short layered razor-cut hair for men
  • Feathery shag with easy styling for men
  • Practical aerodynamic haircut for men
  • Male hair styled with pliable paste
  • Men's hair with wax styling
  • Male hair styled with forming polish
  • Male fashion haircut with finger styling
  • Men's hairstyle with increased length
  • Career hairstyle with pomade for men
  • Long hair with curls for career men
  • Professional haircut with coiled bangs for men
  • Men's haircut suitable for any occasion
  • Curly shag for men with blonde hair
  • Spiffy around the ears haircut for men
  • Short cropped over the ears hairstyle
  • Men's hair with the back curled up
  • Neckline length shag haircut for men
  • Longer than collar length shag for men
  • Male haircut with curls and gel styling
  • Around the ears boys haircut with long bangs
  • Male hairstyle with a bulky front
  • Boys haircut with a shag appeal
  • Handsome styled back hair look for guys
  • Boyish haircut with layers and short sides
  • Impeccable clean haircut for gentlemen
  • Rocker style for men with short hair
  • Sleek men's hair with gel styling
  • more men's hairstyles

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