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The Contra Collection

Goldwell Trend Zoom 2008

Using two of the most characteristic eras when it comes to hairstyles, the baroque period and the roaring twenties for inspiration, the Contra Collection came to life. Using these two eras the collection transforms the hairstyles of the time period into stunning modern day masterpieces. The collection has created two new trends, Newstalgia and Rockmantic.
  • champagne hair tones
  • hairstyle with waves
  • retro look
  • middle of the ears hair length
  • red hairtones
  • wind blown bangs
  • rainbow of hair colors
  • crimped hair
  • hair with choppy clips
  • hairstyle for men
  • black hair with platinum slices
  • black hair with silver streaks
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Newstalgia (photos 1 - 6) These hairstyles feature contrasting light and dark color schemes merging the romantic times of the baroque period with a new edge rock and roll style. The colors that are used are rich purples, violets, and silver blondes and various shades of gray. The colors give a truly romantic glow with a combination of the rocker's world edge.
Rockmantic (photos 7 - 12) Using the twenties for inspiration, the collection adds more pure elements to the hairstyles along with a contrast of colors. Classic reds, browns, gold, and jades are used to create the color palette for these great hairdos.
Hairstyles: Goldwell
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