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Contrasting hair colors
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Drawing inspiration from two of the most characteristic eras in hairstyles, the baroque period and the roaring twenties, the Contra Collection came to life. Combining these two historical periods, the collection transforms hairstyles of the time into stunning modern-day masterpieces. The collection introduces two new trends: Newstalgia and Rockmantic.
Newstalgia (photos 1 - 6) - These hairstyles feature contrasting light and dark hair color schemes, blending the romanticism of the baroque period with a new edge of rock and roll style. Rich purples, violets, silver blondes, and various shades of gray are used to create a truly romantic glow with a touch of the rocker's world edge.
Rockmantic (photos 7 - 12) - Drawing inspiration from the twenties, the collection incorporates more pure elements into the hairstyles along with a contrast of colors. Classic reds, browns, golds, and jades are used to create the color palette for these fantastic hairdos.

Two Haircuts as One

Two haircuts as one
Champagne tones of blonde are presented throughout the brown panels in the short clipped bob, which skims over to one side and covers part of the eye. Just underneath, the bob brings the surprise of long brown hair that dips below the model's shoulders. Two haircuts in one.

Blonde Tones over Brown

Long hair with blonde tones over brown
Racy blonde tones over brown become a cornerstone in waves set close to the head and styled away from the face, with an array of curls around the shoulders. Using a curling iron will help create the coils.

Yesteryear Look

Short yesteryear hairstyle with hair that flips out over the ears
The effect of blonde, gold, and light brown hair slices is blended throughout short layers constructed into borderline waves, presenting a glimpse of yesteryear, while the rest of the hair flips out over the ears and around the nape, accenting the shag. A kiss of former times.

Middle of the Ears Hairstyle

Hairstyle that covers the middle of the ears
Clippy textured layers become a work of art when multiple multihued blondes, browns, and caramels are displayed in the short hairstyle. Exaggerated heavy bangs hide one eye, showcasing the expertise of the clip.
The sides cover the middle of the ears and are combed toward the face. The back is edged up around the nape to flow with the rest of the hairstyle.

Bob with a Close Nape

Textured red bob, cut close at the nape
The extravagance of sizzling reds is portrayed with layers upon layers of hair, in the large, wide hoop of a band designed over the model's forehead. The cut is a type of textured bob, close in at the nape with more length on the sides.

Long Bangs

Bob with long bangs blown over to the side
Better than bronze, a burst of fiery reds becomes most apparent in the long bangs on the model, which are windblown over to the side with a few streaks flittering about in the air. The rest of the hair is combed smoothly around the head, completing the picture of a bob. Totally breathtaking.

Brow-Cuffing Bangs

Long hair with violet tones
Poised for excellence! Embrace the colors of rich rose violet, strawberry beige, and dark brown, which are most appreciated by artists who like to saturate themselves in color. However, don't just dream about it; create a life of blazing rainbows. Thick, long layers are intertwined throughout the hair, with brow-cuffing bangs.

Long Hair with Crimping

Long hair with crimping and shorter sections
Once again, the debut of fantasy reds becomes irresistible. The awareness of the layers becomes a bit more apparent with the crimping and the shorter sections that pouf out from the head. The two strawberry beige strips on both sides capture the final touch of artistry.

Informal Male Hairstyle

Informal men's hairstyle with choppy clips
The various shades of brown are interspersed with blonde slices throughout this rebel rouser's hair. Choppy clips around the head gather the large bulk that covers one eye, while the other side is combed close to the face. Bits of hair are spiked outward from the head to ensure an informal hairstyle.

Styled to One Side

Men's hairstyle with the hair brought over to one side
Pensively, the model becomes deep in thought. His hair is brought over to one side in one massive bulk, exposing the multiple lines of colors. A few rebellious strands announce their unwillingness to join the rest of the hair. Gel and spray will help create this hairstyle.

Short Hair with Streaks

Short black hair with white platinum slices
Blacker than black hair is integrated with glacier white platinum slices, and with this photo, we can notice each streak that was specially selected to be placed into perfection, while the bob is edged and clipped around the back into a smooth design. An excellent example of where a bold contrast meets harmony.

Black Hair with Silver Linings

Black hair with silver linings
Lofty good looks begin with platinum silver linings against a background of raven black hair. The back is clipped up fairly close. The sides move toward the face in slight tweaks of layers.
The top is combed over into a heavy bulk, blanketing one eye and revealing the choppy, smooth effects of the creative colors and hairstyle.
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