Hairstyles for Men and Boys (17)

Men’s hairstyles have come a long way in the past years, giving men and boys a wide range of looks to choose from. It would be a shame not to try out different haircuts throughout your life. You will be amazed at how much your appearance can change with a new style. Below are well-cut and well-styled men’s hairstyles you might want to consider.
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  • Easy to take care of hair for men
  • Long layered hair with waves for men
  • Easy hairstyle with a covered forehead for men
  • Just above the ears haircut for guys
  • Trendy masculine look with sideburns
  • Boys hairstyle with softened edges
  • Men's hairstyle with a 1950s quiff
  • Male hair with diagonal styling
  • Male haircut with airy top-volume and short sides
  • Hair with soft volume on the crown for men
  • Male glam look with crinkled hair
  • Long men's hair with diagonal bans
  • Hairstyle with long deconstructed curls for guys
  • Short hairstyle with waves for boys
  • Short hair with layers look for men
  • Short hairstyle with slick bangs for men
  • Masculine retro look with lifted hair
  • Handsome look with layered hair for men
  • Modern look for older men with grey hair
  • Charming classic haircut for boys
  • Hairdo with much volume and texture for men
  • Guys hair with slicked sides and smooth waves
  • Men's hairstyle with short sides and a spiked crown
  • Trendy mushroom haircut for boys
  • Men's hair with thick curls and high volume
  • Short haircut and a stubble beard
  • Short cropped haircut with crown length for gentlemen
  • Sleek men's hairstyle with deep bangs
  • Short haircut with cropped sides for men
  • more men's hairstyles

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