How to do the Romantic Side-Braid

Romantic side braid hair
1. What you will need:
• Crocodile clip
• Bobby pins
• Teasing comb
• Hairspray
• Heat protectant
• Flat iron
tools and products for a romantic side-braid
2. If your model's hair is curly, apply heat protectant and flat iron the hair relatively straight. This makes the hair more shiny and manageable. Section the hair on the side, making a parting with your comb and securing this section with a clip. Comb all the other hair back from the face.
3. Braid this hair in a simple three-strand braid towards the front of the face, running in the direction towards the side of the face. Braid the hair all the way down to the ends. Secure the end of the braid with a clip or hairband.
braid a side braid
4. Now we start with the side-braid. Take a big section on the side of the head, and comb the hair straight.
5. Comb the hair at the back of the head straight and neat as well, and then take your opposite outer section of hair. This is also a simple three-strand braid, although it is much bigger and thicker than the first braid at the front of the head.
hair braiding
6. Braid the hair neatly in an off-center line running from one side of the head, towards the opposite side, and eventually leading down the model's shoulder. Keep your tension tight on the sections and maintain control of the hair while you braid. Tension and control are the two most important elements of a well-executed braid.
7. Braid this main side-braid all the way down in length until you reach the ends of the hair, and secure the braid with a hair band. If you have dark hair, use a dark hair band, and if you have light hair, use a light one. The purpose of this is to disguise the hair band as the end of the braid will be flipped inward later on.
Romantic side braid how to
8. Use your fingertips to widen the sections of the braid, lightly pulling the hair toward the outside of the braid to create a softer, romantic look. This works easier if you have long nails. Be careful not to pull the hair too far, as this will result in the braid coming apart. Begin at the top of the braid near the nape area, and work your way down.
How to for a romantic side braid
9. Flip the end of the braid inward and secure it with a bobby pin. Use a black bobby pin for dark hair and a light bobby pin for light hair. Again, the purpose of this is so that the flipped-in part should not be visible.
10. Secure the end of your smaller braid that you completed at the beginning of the style with a bobby pin, incorporating it with the back part of the style. This should look seamless, with the bobby pin well-disguised yet secure.
11. Gently pull the main braid so that it sits securely to the side of the head, running down the shoulder of your model. If necessary, secure the braid here with a few well-placed and well-disguised bobby pins, to keep it in place.
Hhair styled in a romantic side braid
12. Lastly use your hairspray and the end of your teasing comb to flatten and neaten all stray and flyaway hair. Be careful not to overcomb the hair as this will ruin the braid. Also don’t use too much hairspray as this will make the hair seem tacky and almost wet-like.
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