"Very Diva" by BUNDY BUNDY

Trend hair colors
Milan, New York, Paris... each metropolis of fashion is swooning in dark nuances of color. On top of the chart are majestic hues like crimson, violet and eggplant, all made for the coming ball season.
But not only the new trend colors for hair are made for the great appearance, they come with perfect styling of the hair. And the BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team created just that with their "Very Diva" collection... the ultimate look for a modern primadonna.
More than ever are hairstyles a crucial part of the whole appearance. The time for understatement in hair has passed, and drama and opulence are back. And these are not just the main theme in fashion, but mirror in the hair of women all over the planet who want to be the "Queen of the Night."

Smooth Roll

Long hair with a smooth roll and tapered sides
For this sculpted look the long hair was parted just a bit off center to create fashionable asymmetry without putting too much weight on one side.
A smooth roll of hair is styled into the tapered sides, both flowing in one direction like a ripple on the surface of a mellow ocean. The motion is big and the appearance absolutely stunning.

Pineapple Pouf Updo

Pineapple shape hair updo
Get fresh with a mile high poof. What a great way to turn medium long hair into an extravagant up-style for your special night!
The hair was tightly gathered on top of the crown, with strict sleekness all around the head that is then exploding into a voluptuous cloud of finely spun gold. The top can be styled with more or less structure, all depending on how daring you might get.

Nape Knot

Updo with a nape knot
The texture of this smooth work of hair-art almost reminds of pulled caramel taffy in its soft flow, texture and shine.
Wide bands of hair were woven to a huge nape knot, invisibly attached amidst a gentle flow of golden hair. This exaggerated elegance is a definite show stopper and will leave a lasting impression.

Sizzling Updo

Updo with a veil of hair strands
The intricate play of textures, shapes and movement will leave no one untouched. Elaborate in its creation and made for an event to remember, the beauty of this hairstyle is unique and breathtaking.
The bulk of hair was twirled upward and arranged to a large, wavy beehive with wavy definition. At the same time a veil of long strands that were pulled out all around the bottom of the pouf adds the air of mystery and seduction to this fantasy look.

Woven Knot

Hair in an updo with a woven knot
Understatement is so last millennium. You can dare to be amazing again and show off what you've got. If you have beautiful long hair, one of the best ways to present it on a glamorous night is in a large, smooth, waved and woven creation.
Flowing like the work of a modern sculptor one might even forget that the material for this amazing knot is real hair.

Scalloped Chignon

Updo with a scalloped chignon
Romance is in the air with this enchanting hairstyle. The exquisite work of a skilled hair artist turned the long hair into a grand chignon with a scalloped, waved texture.
This well defined feature graces the back of the head and the rest of the hair is styled towards it in sleek, smooth and strict sections. Artful and romantic is the message that will surely bring one or the other suitor to his knees.

Up Style with a Roll

Simple updo with a roll
Simplicity creates the most elegant looks. This fabulous up-style again proves that less can indeed be more and features a simple roll as its main element.
The movement of the hair is supported by the coloring: wide strands shine in different tones of blonde with a few nuances up and down the lightness scale. Thus a deep dimension is visible that does not require any fancy styling.

Up Style to Get Attention

Elaborate updo with a huge round shape
If you are not afraid to get much attention, this intense look might be just the one to pick for an exciting appearance. A huge round shape was formed in the back and is embellished with wide bands of hair that were sectioned off and shaped in a most artistic way.
This up-style is elaborate but with its minimalistic approach and geometric shaped very avantgarde.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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