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"Very Diva" by BUNDY BUNDY

Milan, New York, Paris ... each metropolis of fashion is swooning in dark nuances of color. On top of the chart are majestic hues like crimson, violet and aubergine, all made for the coming ball season.
But not only the new trend colors for hair are made for the great appearance, they come with perfect styling of the hair. And the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team created just that with their "Very Diva" collection ... the ultimate look for a modern primadonna.
  • hair with a smooth roll
  • pineapple updo
  • knot hairdo
  • sizzling updo
  • long hair in a knot
  • scalloped updo
  • simple updo
  • elaborate updo
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More than ever are hairstyles a crucial part of the whole appearance. The time for understatement in hair has passed and drama and opulence are back. And these are not just the main theme in fashion, but mirror in the hair of women all over the planet who want to be the "Queen of the Night".
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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