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High Spirits by Camille Albane

  • Jean Seberg inspired haircut
  • modern short bowl cut
  • layered bob
  • short hair and a covered nape
  • updo for a short hair look
  • youthful updo
  • seductive long hair
  • mysterious long hair look
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After a season of total color-block, the Camille Albane woman shows moderation and adopts a more sober, but definitely luminous style for Summer 2012. A complete turnaround? She gains in maturity. But even in the higher-brow salons, she keeps her sparkling character, her communicative energy and easy haircuts. The style she adopts marks a facet of her personality.
Hairstyles: Louis Lafolie for Camille Albane
Hair Coloring: Marie Bidart
Make-up: Topolino
Photography: Nicolas Valois
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