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Hairstyles Spring & Summer 12

Wearable modern hairstyles
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Portugal's master of style, Samuel Rocher, brings us another splendid collection of hairstyles. Twice a year the creative team from the south of Europe comes up with beautiful hairstyles that are modern, elegant and impressive, but wearable - and not only for photoshoots or on the runways. The styles have a very feminine feel and accommodate the natural flow of the hair from waist length to only a few inches short.
Abundance is a theme that is played with especially in the curly styles, which are featured open and free but also as updos and in shorter varieties. A light and casual character is part of all of the Spring and Summer Rocher styles, for women and also for men. The two male looks are strongly based on traditional role models, but are updated with handsome texture and styling.
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Long and Sleek with Wave

Long very straight and sleek hair
Simplicity is luxurious and the understated is one of the major trends. It does not have to be plain Jane though, and just a few subtle design elements raise the bar and the attraction. The long and very straight hair was blown out for ultimate smoothness and then parted just off center.
One side is slung towards the back and the ticker side rests on her shoulder, accentuated by a large, wave that runs along one side of her face. You can play with the arrangement and flip the hair forward or back, the key is the effortless and natural flow and the soft glow of the beige blonde color with its fine transitions between darker and lighter areas.

Soft Knot

Festive hair updo with a twisted knot
Hair in a knot with strands that have been left out
Hot days or festive nights take an elegant turn with this twisted knot that is created out of long and very sleek hair. Once the hair was gathered to a low ponytail, it was turned and bound to this exquisite chignon that sits right in her nape.
A wide strand has been left out on the side, one at the bottom part of the knot a nd another one on the opposite side. These strands should be treated with a smoothing serum to avoid any fuzzy fly away hair and they can be draped in the most enticing ways. Simple and artful, a summer treat!

Exotic Upstyle

Upstyle with a high chignon inspired by ancient fashion
Inspired by hairstyles of the ancient and the exotic world this high updo is a veritable eye-catcher. Elegance and effortlessness come together once again and the magic is undeniable. A high chignon rises out of a wrapped texture created by a wide and very smooth and sleek strand.
A thin veil of long fringe fibers blurs a part of her face, but it also creates a lot of sensual mystery. Revealing more than what is shown has been a successful part of seduction since time began. Her hair color is a natural-looking blonde in a range of related nuances.

Long Natural-looking Curls

Long dark hair with natural looking curls
A mane like this does not require fancy styling to be the star of any show. Long curls, as rare as they are, always leave a trail of breathless admirers.
Her well defined corkscrew coils flow in happy abundance and are only layered lightly starting at about the line of her shoulder. This allows the top section to be pulled out a little by the weight of the hair. A very natural looking shape and texture is the result of this.

Simple Updo with Curls

Simple no time up-style for curly hair
Neat updo for curly hair
A neat and perfect solution for a quick metamorphosis of the opulent mane from before. The curls make it easy and fast to create a stylish and festive up-style in no time. A few hairpins in the color of the hair allow for an invisible fastening of the curly hair in the back.
Always allow a few strands to hang on the sides and anywhere you want to draw some attention too. The success of this look is in its soft lines and romantic spirit.

Skinny Long Bob

Youthful long sleek bob at shoulder length
A stylish, sleek look with a lot of class and youthful energy. The length all the way to the shoulders is very flattering also for fuller faces and all of the texture that plays around the face works like an instant fountain of youth.
Botox in a haircut, could be another title for this sassy look that falls so light and easy. A long fringe has a more choppy texture than the finely sliced sides. Her hair color is as earthy as can be with dark chocolate and walnut tones.

French Twist

French twist hair with a steep neck section
Another famous classic, when it comes to up styles, is the French twist, also called a banana roll. In the hands of the creative team of Samuel Rocher this ultra feminine look looses its strict lines and tight fit and is styled with soft swings, casually draped strands and some free falling curved accent strands along the side.
The steep neck is the signature outline for this masterpiece of sophistication. The shinier the hair, the better!

Curls Shaped with Layers

Slimming hairstyle with curls and layers
A sexy classic but with more movement and softness than ever before. The thick curls have been shaped by cutting the hair into layers, resulting in an attractive diamond shape with just enough volume on the crown and the thickest part at her eye level.
A playful fringe makes her eyes stand out and the gently narrowing angle down the sides has a slimming effect. Her color is a shine espresso brown, perfectly matching her eyes.

Longer Pixie Cut

Long pixie cut with flipped up tips
Pixie cut with longer hair in the neck
Pixie cut with a light and airy long fringe
The sassy short haircuts that became known as pixie cuts now have more length, especially in front. A sexy line is created in the back with a gradual lengthening of the hair from the neck to the top and flipped up tips.
The crown is all about volume and movement, culminating in a long fringe that is as light and airy as spun sugar. Tiny accents right before the ears complete this beautiful look.

Textured Haircut for Men

Textured short haircut for men
Men with short haircuts
Short haircuts for men and women
Modern spice and a classic soul give this short haircut for men its strong appeal. With finely graduated side and neck sections, there is an almost seamless transition in length towards the crown where the hair is long enough to play with.
The styling on the photos brings out the texture of the hair and allows a certain level of tousling. The combination of a disheveled section and the neatly groomed outline and to top it all off a sexy, but also shaped stubble beard, makes an impression at the office but also creates weak knees wherever else he goes.

Cropped in Black

Short hairstyle for men with thick hair
Rock stars and business men have been seen with this type of hairstyle, a wonderful sign of how lines between different groups and lifestyles are blurring. All that is left is a lot of handsomeness.
His thick and dark hair is traditionally short on the sides and in the back and some added length on the top with a lot of texture invites for adventurous styling. Rough and tough one day, smooth and cool the next.
Hairstyles: Samuel Rocher Team
Hair Color: Cristiano Napolitano
Make-up: Elodie Fiuza & Iedda Alicerces
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco
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