Desire by Marco Arena for Redken

Chic updos with elegance
"Desire" is the apt name of the collection of hairstyles by Redken artist Marco Arena. He creatively combines pure elegance with feminine chic.
Which woman does not wish to be desired and to radiate with a perfect styling? With his new, exciting updos and warm, beautifully shiny hair colors, Marco Arena revisits glamorous red carpet looks and makes them new.

Champagne Twirls

Up-style with twirls
Sleek updo
Elegant up-style with a different appearance from each side. This look comes with surprises and titillating elements that make it sparkle like a fresh glass of bubbly. The hair was styled towards the back in sleek layers, creating a surface of overlapping bands of hair with a different pattern on each side.
The back was styled with much inner volume and a group of charming ringlets. Long and smooth bangs frame one side of the well made up face and also end in a small, darling spiral.

Open Curls

Festive long blonde hair with open curls
If you prefer your hair open, try some well defined curls and much shine to bring your long hair to its full beauty. Here the hair was parted just off center and curled in various sizes from large barrels directed back to smaller ringlet curls in the ends.
The different diameters give it a very natural, yet refined appearance. High shine is a must for your festive appearances.

Roman Inspiration

Festive hair style wit Roman Empire inspiration
festive hairstyle with curls and a braid
A classic touch is the spice of this festive hairdo. Multilevel and multidimensional does not mean complicated in this case. The top hair was styled to a smooth pouf embellished with a frame of French braided intricateness.
The bangs were taken strictly to the side and tugged behind the ear where they connect with the rest of the hair that flows playfully in delicate spirals.

Regal Spirals

Curly bridal hair with a tiara
This curly delight comes with a couple of twists. A braid was woven along one side of the face from the upper forehead to the ear and the top was crowned not only with a rounded "bump" but also a decorative tiara.
These elements take the already enchanting curly look to a higher level and make it a good contender for weddings.

Playful Mix

Updo with a French braid for a fairy tale hairstyle
Different structures and an intricate French braid that flows from one temple diagonally across the head lend an ethereal charisma to this beautiful and romantic hairstyle.
Celebrate your own fairy tale by looking like a Princess of Fantasia and don't hesitate to add even more impact with a shiny, glamorous piece of hair jewelry.

Classic Beauty

Hair in an updo with chignon for a ball
A high crown combined with a perfect chignon and a long, swirled strand of hair to accentuate the lines of the face captures with timeless elegance and irresistible style.
This updo is classic and lets you be the beauty of the ball without venturing out too much into the land of extravagance. Keep it simple but precious with just a couple of embellished hair accessories.

Feathery Tease

Updo with a chignon and a feathery hair accent
The simple chignon in the back and the smooth, but highly refined styling of the front and mid sections are an example of elegance extraordinaire. The main player however is the small feathery accent pin on the side that teases with its silent rebellion against all the sleekness.
A highly refreshing contrast of textures is the result and with the help of a little serum and shine spray it will out sparkle the rest.

Hairstyle with Renaissance Curls

Festive long hair with ripples and Renaissance curls
Go all the way with a combination of curls and sharp edged waves. The center part infuses a youthful flair to the very festive look that seems to have its stylish roots in past centuries, in a time when women celebrated their beauty in the most elaborate ways.
Small ringlets commence their joyful dance high on the crown while the long bangs are shaped into wide, soft flowing bands with a rippled surface that radiates the light in the most delightful shades of gold.

Tale of Two Tails

Hair up in a style with two ponytails
Who says a ponytail has to be in the back. Try a daring double feature for your next glamorous outing. The hair was separated in a diagonal line across the head creating a smaller front and larger back section.
The finely structured curls were then gathered to form a smaller bundle in front, above the corner of the forehead and a larger one on the opposite side in the back. The result is a playful romantic up-style with a rock star attitude.

Minimalist Glam

Hair in a ballerina style updo
If you want to do without the thrills and frills and just shine in the purest form of glam, then this exciting updo could be a winner. The hair was styled back in a ballerina style with all its strictness and innate elegance.
The glam element comes in with the enlarged knot of shiny transparency and perfectly balanced shape.
Hairstyles: Marco Arena for Redken
Photography: Marina Sturm