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"Real Time" by Go Coppola

  • long hair with waves
  • medium hair with heavy texture
  • hair with a short neck area
  • radical short hair
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The mug shot like photography accentuates the title of this new collection with its "real time", no fluff expressions. In addition it makes the hairstyles more approachable, while portraying high fashion in such an effortless, carefree way. With this small selection of looks, Go Coppola pays homage to 25 years full of hairstyles dedicated to national and international fashion magazines.
Two short cuts come with thick texture and a compact body. A medium long style brings back the allure of grunge fashion of the 90s and long, voluminous waves are made in the land of tousled luxury. Colors stick with a natural palette, refreshed by highlights and hints of red in the blonde.
Hairstyles: Go Coppola