Hairstyles Fall-Winter 14-15

Short hairstyles
Tchip puts the wild back into short hairstyles. The fall winter season promises to be very exciting, especially when it comes to hair fashion. The six looks seen here are defined by strong textures and radical lines.
Asymmetry, super long bangs and wild styling give them their intense expressions. Even the bob has some extra spice this season. The warm hair colors cover a natural palette from blonde over red too brown. It might just be the right time for an inspired make-over!

Perfect Hair Length

Hair cut with the perfect length to reveal collars
Loosely draped bob cut
Nothing like the class of a bob on a cool fall or winter day. This always flattering cut has the perfect length to reveal buttoned up blouse and shirt collars, your favorite scarf or turtleneck. You can wear it all preppy with a cardigan, go for the elegant side of it, or as seen here casual and sassy.
The perfectly cut hair does not need much help to fall into the right place. For this style the hair was merely straightened while drying and then loosely draped with a sexy out-of-place section in front.

Pixie with Texture

Rough short haircut with a long fringe
Pixie with different hair lengths
Forget the short and sweet. Short and hot is the right phrase when it comes to describing the new looks for fall and winter. Short hair has never been this sexy. A focus on the fringe creates a stunning allure.
The cut is a round bowl cut with heavy texture. All of the edges are rough and expressive with different lengths for a jagged line. The hair was styled into the face where the layers of light blonde and medium blonde come into play.

Soft Pixie

Pixie cut with a long neck zone
Short pixie cut with bangs for red hair
A little attitude can go a long way. A short cut with a long neck and pronounced bangs is stylish and fresh. Incredible charm oozes out of the ruffled texture in the back and the misaligned styling in front creates pretty movement on the smooth red hair.
All edges are cut in a not too straight line with fine texture all around that softens the entire style.

Pretty Short Hair

Pretty short hair with a slimming effect
Blunt but irregular edges guarantee a sassy fall of this short and very pretty haircut. A round cut is the base and the bangs have the same general length as the sides. The back however is graduated and reaches to the middle of her neck. This feature has a slimming effect on her face and neckline.
The warm blonde is composed of several different light and dark shades in the honey to platinum range. The fine contrasts illuminate the hair and also add a great 3D effect to the surface. The bangs are once again the dominant element and styled with much movement and energy.

Contemporary Short Hair

Contemporary short haircut
Layers of light and dark brown hair colors overlap and play a game of changing peek a boo. This creates a most beautiful pattern on the sleek and silky hair. A warm chocolate tone and luscious caramel alternate and bring so much life to this look.
The cut itself is simple but with exquisite styling and fine tuned texture which creates an irregular line along the edge, softening the hair's appearance and making it very contemporary. The bangs are the star in this creation. Their undeniable dominance leaves just a small gap for her baby blue eye to gaze through.
The sides are pulled into the face where their pointy ends bring our attention right to the brightly colored lips.

Pixie with Volume

Pixie with an elongated line in the neck
Pixie with volume on top of the head
All the volume on top is beautifully contrasted by the narrow sides with the super sharp and angled points. The bangs almost steal the show, but they have to share the glory with the rest of the design. This also includes the elongated line in the neck and the disconnect at the ear.
Her hair color is an earthy, warm and radiant brown. The highlights are so subtle that they are almost not visible themselves, only the lifting effect they have.
Hairstyles: Tchip