Bob Haircuts (17)

Whether you go for a long bob, a medium length bob or a cute short French bob, your hair will always be on trend. A bob works well with all face shapes and hair types because it can be perfectly tailored to each person. Are you considering a bob haircut? Scroll down for photos of cool bobs!
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  • Alexa Chung - Above the shoulders bob with flipped ends
  • Ali Larter - Bob for thick and full hair
  • Jenny McCarthy - Long blunt cut bob
  • Gwyneth Paltrow wearing her hair in a short bob
  • Alyssa Milano's curly bob
  • bob with layers and curls
  • short bob with curved bangs
  • bob that almost touches the collar bone
  • sassy angled bob hairstyle
  • bob with longer pointed tips
  • bob with hair ends that turn inward
  • steep angle A-line bob
  • plunging bob with curls
  • short retro bob
  • textured bob for black hair
  • pyramid shape bob
  • short bob with waves
  • bob with ends that cling to the face
  • bob cut for a squarish face
  • textured bob with a blunt back
  • frizzy blonde bob
  • short bob with a side fringe
  • bob for red hair
  • bob with a very short fringe
  • free form bob
  • heavy angled bob
  • bowl-cut bob
  • bob cut with interior layering
  • bob with asymmetrical elemants
  • more bob hairstyles

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