Medium Hairstyles

Hair Hugging the Neckline

Medium hairstyle with hair that hugs the neckline
A heavily fortified fringe is blown around for bangs and through the textured pieces of layers that move in length upon the frame of our model's face until we see the ends that finally hug around her neckline.
These lovely deep layers are captured with a light spritz of styling lotion and heavy blow drying with your round brush toward the face. Every hair is moved around the face. The crown is worked down and then, gravitated toward the sides with your brush.

Medium Length Permed Hair

Medium length permed hair
Capture the fluffy volume this layered perm portrays with the shorter areas in the crown and top for the pouf and graduates into the longer hair that rests upon the model's shoulders. Short light transparent bangs rest on one side of the forehead while a thicker collection goes over to the other side.
Wash, towel dry, apply setting lotion and blow dry the hair going away from the sides, under in the back and over on the top. Piece the bangs into place and spray.

Smooth Medium Blunt Cut

Close to the shoulders bob with bangs
The organization of a severe part creates a smooth blunt bob that hangs close to the shoulders. Shiny opened bangs rest below the brows that point to the model's eyes.
The natural blonde hair color is presented in a variety of shades gives this image an overall college girl appearance.
Spritz styling lotion and blow dry with a round brush for the desired smoothness.

Ruffled Curls

Hairstyle with ruffled curls
A gathering of ruffled curls is grouped below the jazzy deep wave that we can see dipped upon the model's forehead that likens unto a dressy night on the town.
Another way for the hairstyle, that could be dressed up is to keep the wave and take the curls and pin them upon the crown fulfilling the same mass of coils that would communicate more of a sophistication of layers with the stacked curls.
A permanent would help stabilize and form a variety of looks related to this hairstyle.

Festive Hairdo

Medium length hair idea for prom
Our model is wearing a prom look that could be worn up or down with the coiled cascades we see around her face. This could be a simple hairstyle for you to be able to do for yourself with practice. One example would be for you to divide your hair in the center after blown dry and section off the crown, sides, top and nape.
Use your curling or coiling iron in the lower back first, taking medium portions to curl. Allow them to lie in the curl when dropped. Do not comb out. Another way is to use medium sized hot rollers and wrap vertically.
When curled, simply take out the hair from the rollers and the best way, if you have the time; is to use conventional rollers and roll your hair while wet and allow to dry. When done right, your hairstyle should last all night.

Medium Length Hairstyle

Medium length hair with translucent bangs
A college look extravaganza is created with soft lines of multiple shades of blonde for her peers to be green eyed with envy. Eloquent slants of a precision edge are clipped around the model's smile and translucent bangs give a peek-a-boo window that yields the fine freshness that organic appeal brings.
A few blends from a round brush toward the face will help you with this hairstyle. Spray gloss to assure shine.

Volume Upon the Head

Hairstyle with short spiffy layers
Short spiffy layers have been clipped for the topsy volume upon the model's head. The upper sides are also brought down into a shorter effect with fringes of lace framed around the face. As the hair is combed, lengthier panels are produced into the fluffs that barely touch the shoulders.
Although the hair is styled to be combed down, the upper section along the side could also be brushed to swing upward in conjunction with her forehead and eyes, while leaving the rest of the hair to move into the downward tilt. Gel and spray can be used for this attractive image.

Carefree Hairstyle with Curls

Carefree and easy to fix hairstyle
Hundreds of tiny ringlets are the results of having a permanent designed in layers for the hair to billow out in mega pockets of volume. This carefree hairstyle is simple to do and an easy fix for someone who still wants the adventure of having a lot of hair, but little work.
Wash your hair, condition with a moisturizer and also apply a leave in styling moisturizer and allow to dry by itself. When dry, use the curling iron in spots, placing the hair where desired and gentle back brushing is all that will be needed, especially on the top. Spray gloss and you are ready to go!

Angles and Flips

Medium hairstyle with pieced bangs
Tasteful short clips of hair are drafted for content on the top and evolve into the angles and flips that we see in the photo. Pieced bangs are heavier over one side and blend together into a peek a boo effect that is just above the model's eyebrows.
The hairstyle is overall a delicately smooth approach with a flick of a brush, to an otherwise straight suggestion. A light spritzing of a styling lotion before you blow dry will give added promise to your task. A large to medium sized curling iron can be used for the pouf on the top and the flip along the bottom. Spray afterward.

Bulk on the Top

Medium hairstyle with bulk
An assemblage of short and sassy clips stand up and out bringing plenty of bulk on the top that captures the side temple into splays of hair. Movements of layered coils lie amass upon each other into the developed thickness of desired curls.
Another thought for this image is to swing all the curls up and fasten with a band and allow the curls to be flicked wherever they desire. The same pert top would demonstrate a short stoutness reflected from the layers, while the upswing would give a dressier appeal.

Crop with Backcombing

Mid-length women's hair with backcombing
Some people have enough hair to donate to everyone in a city the size of Brussels and such is our model with her healthy layered crop with backlashes of backcombing. For obedience the hair flows over the side and away from her face, while the other sides give attention to the curls around her frame.
The rest of her hair is brushed under upon her shoulders. To sum up the hairstyle, there is back, over, toward and under. Blow drying can accomplish this and hot rollers afterward or conventional rollers as well with heavy aggressive brushing when ready.

Hair Away from the Face

Medium hairstyle with the hair away from the face
If you happen to have a perfect face with few flaws like our girl in the photo, you can always think about wearing your hair away from your face to expose the attractive lines of your cheekbones, lovely nose or expressive beautiful eyes. Most of us need a little bit of help with the softness that curls offer around our face. Notice how the hair is away from her sides to reveal her delicate gold earrings.
One way you can have this look is to make sure you get this type of haircut in the first place. When you do, you can always use conventional rollers rolled away from the sides. On the lower area, roll the rollers up and also under, when dry brushing them into the fluff you see in the photo. Brush the top back and pull the sides out, holding with your hands as you spray.

Illusion of Longer Hair

Hairstyle to give the illusion of having longer hair
One of the most magnificently versatile things you can do with a heavily layered haircut is to tease your hair like crazy and use your comb to lightly mold the hair up and away from your face as pictured in the photo. This type of look can actually give the illusion of having longer hair that has been brought up, when it is really short hair.
Even when the stray strands fall upon the neckline, one still thinks of long hair. Most hairstylists know how to achieve this fantasy with proper setting techniques, teasing and a lot of hairspray. Why not give this hairstyle a try for the upcoming holidays and watch how your stylist fashions your hair, then you can try for yourself next time around.

Super Easy Hairstyle

Easy to keep and to do hairstyle
Consider layers, stacked upon layers, messy, disheveled avenues of hair that are flung over one another and molded by the professional permanent given to our model. Super easy to keep and to do, this just might be the right one for you!
There are throngs of curls that create the heavy volume desired on the top with miles of hair that stand out from the head. All you'd have to do is get the perm, condition when you wash your hair, use a good moisturizing, leave in conditioner and allow your hair to dry by itself, then; back comb mildly on the top and fluff around where desired and spray.

Dynamic Flip

Medium hairstyle with a dynamic flip
A picture of a dynamic flip that begins with a centered part works its way into a mass of ruffles from a series of back brushes that swing the hair out from the head.
To set for this hairstyle: Roll the hair going down from the part and vertically, slightly up and down around the edges to get the fluff along the ends. Brush when dry and back comb for the flippy swing and fluff. Spray.

Bob Haircut

Bob haircut to look thinner
Few hairstyles look as neat as a bob haircut because of the bluntness of the cut. Whatever clothes you put on, you will look good! Even if you are overweight, you will still look great and indeed a few pounds thinner because of this fine haircut, unless you are quite short and if that is the case, there are more complimentary haircuts that would be more suitable for you.
Our model's hair measures close to the end of her chin line leaving a little bit of exposure for her necklace. The light formation of using your large round brush will produce a satin appearance and embellish your haircut. Spray gloss to bring out the shine.