Organic by é SALON

Hair photographed with attention on the texture and wave
The stylists at é SALON offer up an eight part hairstyles collection entitled "Organic". The collection features a series of hairstyles that idealize the traditional textures and silhouettes of classic styles. The photography of the collection - in high-contrast black and white - places the attention on the texture and wave of the styles, as well as on the cuts.
The hairstyles themselves range from short - with bowl-like bobs and classic flips - to long - with varying levels of layering. They represent a wide range of classic and iconic looks that are constantly evolving through the years.

Haircut with a Capped Effect

Short blonde hair with a curved cutting line
This short-cropped, layered haircut features a curved cutting line that flows around the face and across the brow. The perimeter of the cut dips to the base of the neck at the ears and brushes lightly along the nape. The cutting line itself is heavily textured and has a fine-grained jagged edge that creates a soft impression.
The interior layering is exceptionally well-textured and creates a lightly choppy look. Styling the hair involves blowing it straight, followed by flat-iron smoothing to direct the hair slightly out from the skin, providing a fuller look and giving a "capped" effect. The straightened hair can be plied with a small amount of pomade and thereby given added definition to the strands.

Flip Hairstyle

1960s flip hairdo
The look in this hairstyle conjures up memories of Marlo Thomas and her ever-present "flip" in television's "That Girl" series from the late 60s. This model's satiny, ebon-colored mane is cut into a blunt, shoulder-length style and features a crisp, softly curved fringe.
The hair is styled smoothly in the top area of the head, creating a glossy, satin finish. The ends are curled with large tools to give the hair fullness in the lower portions and provide an updated look to the flip hairstyle.

Sweeping Curves

Long sweeping blonde hair with curls
What's more classic than a full, leonine mane of tousled waves fanning out and spilling down the shoulders? This blonde's long, layered locks are blown out for maximum volume, and likely given added wave through the use of Velcro rollers or perhaps thermal tools with a large diameter.
The hair is directed away from the scalp and falls in sweeping curves and frothy cascades. The styled locks can be given added definition by lightly misting the hair with hairspray and gently scrunching or combing through the strands with your fingers.

Shoulder-length Curls

Deeply layered shoulder-length hairstyle curls
The shoulder-length locks of this hairstyle are layered deeply and styled to maximize the volume using medium-sized tools. The result is a mass of bouncy curls that are then "fluffed" by backcombing and ruffing to redistribute the bulk evenly.
The side parting gives the style an asymmetrical element that draws the eye to the style and its carefully crafted curls. The curls are given support and hold through the use of styling product, and can be refreshed and redefined with a misting of hairspray and gentle scrunching.

Swirling Curls

Long blonde hair with swirling curls
This long hairstyle is ideal for those with fine-textured hair and offers a way to get a flattering fullness to the hair without excessive chemical processing. The cut is layered, but features a weight line that hovers just above the tops of the ears. Below this weight line, the hair is steeply layered with razor texturing and allows for even distribution of the bulk of the hair upon styling.
Speaking of styling, the blonde hair is blown smooth in the top sections, while the lower portions are shaped into large swirling curls. The result is a mass of soft, delicate tendrils that balance the height and width of the silhouette, making the style suitable for many face shapes.

Short Bob Style

Short bob-cut with layering at the edge
This short bob style features a shallow layering along the bottom edge of the cut. This allows the hair to be styled to raise the bulkiest portion of the style as high as desired. Doing so allows you to bring the focus of the eye to any point on the face and allows you to create width at any point as well to adapt the balance of the silhouette.
Styling the hair is a simple matter of blowing it at the top and fringe area straight, and following up with a diffused dryer and scrunching technique using a styling product to create, soft, organic wave and bend in the hair.

Sleek Bob

Glossy straight bob that clings to the face and neck
This short, sleek bob features a tapered perimeter, whose ends cling gently to the face and neck, offering smooth transitions. The forward cutting line follows an irregular curve that frames the face and draws focus to the eyes.
Styling the hair is a matter of blowing it smooth and passing it through a flat iron to give it a glossy-straight finish. The trick to this look is the precision of the cut. The smooth layering creates a clean silhouette and a soft overall appearance.

Versatile Long Hairstyle

Versatile long hairstyle with a side-swept fringe
Our last hairstyle in this collection combines two distinct styling elements: smooth styling in the upper portion of the hair, and high-volume styling with curls in the lower portion. The cut is a long, lightly layered cut, which allows for versatility in styling.
And the styling starts with a blow-out and smoothing the hair gently across the scalp, incorporating a side parting and side-swept fringe. The ends of the hair are then curled and then backcombed in order to maximize the volume and bulk in that portion of the hair.
Hair: Emiliano Vitale - é SALON
Make-Up: Luana Vitale and Carolyn Haslett
Styling: Ana MacDonald and Peta-Marie Rixon
Photography: Peter Tabor
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