Southern Regional Winners

Red Accent Hair Color

Blonde hair with red accent color
Ready for a swanky gallery, this asymmetrical blunt bob hairstyle features curved bangs and won the L'Oréal Colour Trophy for Sanrizz Salon of Guilford. One side is distinctly longer and features an amazing color accent in a deep, blood red and a second intense orange tone right in front.
The color is partially covered by a textured veil of blond, which in itself also shows two nuances. Round bangs and face framing layers complete the abstract piece. Keeping a look like that smooth in its texture is the essential and there are a range of easy to use products available that your stylist can tell you about.

Longish Pixie

Longish pixie cut
Make it spiky! These fun and fierce pointed tips gave Haringtons Salon of Reading a L'Oréal Colour Trophy to take home. The cut can best be described as a longish pixie as it follows the idea of spiked and very short layers that became so trendy in the 60s and never stopped being in the top ten of the most desired hairstyles.
Not only is a pixie easy to wear, it just looks adorable. This version features longer sides with a face framing layering. These move on to very extended lengths that are hugging her neck. Diagonal bangs with an increasing length and much pointed texture are the perfect counterpart to the lifted spikes on the crown.

Short Wavy Hair

Short cut for wavy hair
Sassy! Farnham's Toni and Guy Salon made a splash with this short and wavy cut and became the new owner of a L'Oréal Colour Trophy! A most refined composition of a cut and color makes for an ageless, sexy and spunky look. A deep-set side part allows for the angled fringe to be swept across her entire forehead in its layered gorgeousness.
Tips are razor-cut layers and are styled to wavy wisps and frolicking curls. A beige blonde base turns fiery with an insert of a coppery red that is most dense at the onset of the fringe and in smaller accents on the sides.

Long Men's Hairstyle

Long hair style for men
A bit of a bad boy is in all men and this cut is just the right look to bring it out. It also brought a Men's Image Award to John Carne Salon of Guilford. Layers are long and shiny like silk with an extra dimension due to the black and brown streaks of color.
His bangs are long enough to cover one eye, but thin enough for him to peek through them. Rough and choppy all around the texture is a bohemian delight! Together with his neatly trimmed and shaped stubble beard, this look is truly winner and potential heart breaker.
Photo Credits: L'Oréal Professionnel