Rita Ora's Faux Asymmetrical Bob

Rita Ora with her hair in a faux asymmetrical bob
Photo by PR Photos
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Here's Rita Ora at the London Fashion Week on the 18th of February 2013. Rita's blonde hair has been styled to protrude the illusion of an asymmetrical bob cut. This look is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, while the faux asymmetrical bob renders the style edgy and modern.
To do this yourself, apply mousse to wet hair, before blow-drying it 80% dry. Separate the hair into 6 sections, blow-drying the hair straight with a medium barrel brush. The hair will feel somewhat stiff because of the mousse. Blow-dry the hair at the front away from the face.
Tease the hair at the top of the head, creating exaggerated volume. Gently comb the hair over the teased sections to disguise it, aiming a smooth appearance without ruining the teased sector.
Comb all the hair back from the face and slightly to the side. Curl one side of the long bob inwards, (if your hair is longer you'll have to "roll" it up), and discreetly secure it with bobby pins. Creating a faux-bob is an art. Complete the look with some strong-hold shine hairspray.
Rita's hair is naturally dark brown, but thanks to a talented and dedicated personal hair-stylist, she rocks her blonde locks effortlessly. Natural dark-heads shouldn't try this color except if they're prepared to dig deep into their pockets for monthly maintenance by a professional stylist.
Rita Ora look with short to medium length hair
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Rita Ora with her hair styled away from her face
Photo by PR Photos
Rita Ora - Modern teased hairstyle for short hair
Photo by PR Photos
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