Hairtrends SS09 by Londa Professional

Hairstyles for spring and summer
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Precious color, rich shine and dreamy volume - those are the Londa Professional Trends for summer/spring 2009. Color is the focus. Cuts are created in all lengths. What matters is that the stylist tailors the hair exactly matching the individual type and face shape of each customer. A must-have is versatility. Women love to change their looks according to different occasions and events.
The secret of success that the versatile looks of the common season have in common: Londastyle. More than 20 salon exclusive styling products offer all that women will need to reinvent themselves over and over again.
Hair Color for Wellbeing
Shiny brown tones give the hair a natural and also sophisticated look. Ranging from pimento to cardamom all the way to cocoa - the salon can combine selected hues by Londacolor and bring them to harmony while creating a lively play of color in the hair. The professional care with the Londacare Color Vitalizer series refreshes the color's shine all over and guarantees long lasting joy.
Shine that Makes the Hair Glow
A brilliant shimmer, a natural look and lightness are also on the menu for all lovers of red and blond tones. Rich colors like Magic Volcano and Hot Lava by Londacolor guarantee strong expression. Caramel, Champagne and Vanilla lighten up the heads. The stylist also uses this range of colors to create a natural appearing play of color with all nuances flowing into each other in a harmonious way.
A great and indispensable new product for styling is Londastyle Glamour Cream. It works for the tips and also for individual strands or a full pomade look. The hair gets a smooth texture and sparkling accents of shine. As a last touch Londastyle Gloss Spray provides a perfect finish and intense luminosity.
Dreamy Volume - Day and Night
No matter if short or long: the looks of the coming season all have breathtaking volume. To keep the hair in shape all day long, the Londa Professional Stylist has the best support for his clients right at hand: Londastyle Styling Mousse and Londastyle Volume Spray Mousse. These two stars among the styling products provide targeted volume directly at the roots and guarantee long lasting fullness.

Neck Hugging Contour

Short haircut with a rounded contour that hugs the neck
A simple haircut with much finesse becomes irresistible with the right color. Perfectly tuned to the skin tone and the feeling of the approaching spring and summer, the warm copper - hazel mélange breathes exclusive luxury into the layered cut.
The long bangs flow diagonally across the face and connect at cheekbone level with the textured sides. Most of the volume is on the crown and achieved by giving the roots an extra lift with a blow dryer and styling product. Very elegant is the round contour that hugs the neck and connects with the jaw line on each side of the face.

Colored Stripe

Short blonde hair with a colored stripe
You can't be color-shy with this creation. The pure joie de vivre of the warm and sunny months is captured in the lines and the colors of this exquisite short hairstyle.
The round cut with its helmet architecture winds its way around the head from a deep nape to the full and curved bangs only interrupted by a surprising triangular shape on the right side of the face.
The wow effect, however, comes from the intensely colored stripe on one side shining in bright copper, platinum and purple on a light, ash blonde base.

Cut-Out Ear

Pixie hairstyle with a cut-out ear
This new take on a pixie cut combines movement and volume with very short hair. The cropped cut has longer layers on the crown, a cut-out ear area and forms a straight line at the middle of the nape. The hair around the front and on the sides is finely textured and cut with much precision.
Most of the volume is created around the crown by giving the hair extra lift and smoothing it out again into one direction. The color is lively dark lava, paprika tone that can brighten up any day - not only in the summer months.

Long A-shaped Bob

Long A-shaped bob with rounded bangs and finely textured ends
A long bob is turned into a seductive, fresh and refreshingly different creation. The base shape is an A-shaped long bob with rounded bangs. The twist comes in with long, gentle and precisely cut layers and finely textured ends.
After adding volume throughout the hair by lifting the roots, lightly teasing the lower areas, smoothing the top over, the very top layer is teased and artistically disheveled and pulled forward while revealing the smooth and rounded underneath.
The double structure is especially visible in the bangs. The hair color is a sunny honey blonde that perfectly matches the model's warm skin tone.

Modern Short Haircut

Modern short haircut with textured ends
Layers are taken to the extreme in this feisty but elegant and modern short cut. The hair is cut in layered sections with minutely textured ends in the shape of a tomboy cut. In comes the color. Instead of in stripes the hair is colored in layers alternating dark chocolate and a warm, sparkling chestnut exuding its golden red magic.
The styling plays with these different layers by changing the direction of the hair, lifting it up, combing it forward, ruffling it in the right places and styling it straight and simple on the sides and in the neck to form a contrast.

Modern Round Haircut

Modern short haircut with roundness and an above eyebrow fringe
Subtle is the message of this new look, as elegant and bubbly like the best champagne. The roundness of the cut circles from the nape to an above eyebrow fringe. The hair is blowdried over a small round brush to achieve the perfect curve in the ends and also to bring volume to the roots. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?
Here comes the twist that takes this classic to new modern heights. The simple and subtle structure of the cut is spiced up by ruffling a few of the top strands and allowing them the wavy and slightly unruly freedom of their nature. Bathed in a pure and clean platinum blonde this look is a true classic with a versatile nature and a timeless spirit.
Photos: Londa Professional
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