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Jayne Wild

Australian Hairdresser of the Year

Jayne Wild did it again. It is her second win of the coveted trophy and a wonderful confirmation of her vision. Jayne has developed her signature style over decades and it is not only the amazing hairstyles but also shows in every way that she presents these from her runway style to her artistic photography.
  • short look for blonde hair
  • elbow-length hair
  • bob longer on the sides
  • retro bob
  • two-toned hair
  • retro look with curls
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The hairstyles push the limits of creativity and are expressive statements of art and beauty, tailored to the needs of each individual. Elaborate cuts and coloring techniques come together in beautiful looks that are inspired by classic fashion and by international fashion photography as well as all of the interesting glimpses and ideas that Jayne picks up in her own surroundings and on her travels.
Hair: Jayne Wild
Salon: Wild Life Hair, Sydney
Event: Hair Expo Australia 2008