Selena Gomez's Bob

Selena Gomez - Short to medium bob style for heavy thick hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Young Selena Gomez has very heavy thick hair cut into a bob and styled into spiral curls. There is a sketchy zigzag part that brings the top into a heavier bent to be developed into the spirals with the sides. Her rich brown hair extends a sweet frame for her brown eyes and we can also see a few streaks of blonde and caramels running throughout her hairstyle.
Tip: When you decide you want coils or spirals, use end papers on the ends of your hair when you wrap your hair with conventional spiral rollers, in this way you will avoid any fish hook ends and your spirals will be smooth.
I can easily picture our celebrity with all of her hair back and away from her face and styled into a french twist in the back with a small round C-curl in the front for individuality. The C stands for class!
Bob hairstyle with spiral curls - Selena Gomez
Photos by PR Photos
Selena has a peachy crème complexion with natural brows, light and smoky shadow, eye liner, possible lashes and mascara, light blush and baby pink lip color. Her attractive black dress is stunning with the large wide shoulder straps and square cut neckline. The graceful pearl necklace is a smart accessory with the dress.
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