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Above the Shoulders Bob

Alexa Chung is a true style inspiration. Her fresh fashion choices are admired all around the globe. She looked fabulous at the 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on October 1st, 2010. Chung is always fashionable from the neck down and we love this high collared blouse. Very on trend right now. She looks gorgeous and we think her hair is awesome.
The length is cut right above the shoulders in a long bob. Longer layers are cut into the haircut to give it some texture and shape. The ends of the hair are flipped out for a fun and flirty effect. Long choppy bangs give this haircut a cool and eclectic vibe. The bangs fall right at the eyes and we love how they look messy and undone.
Alexa Chung wearing a fashionable collared blouse Bob with flipped out ends - Alexa Chung
Minimal makeup is required with the longer bangs because they help create a dark sultry effect on their own. The other unique element to this hairstyle is the subtle scrunched and frizzy effect the hair has. Alexa doesn't mind looking a little windblown and unkempt. The messy texture only adds to her cool overall style.
She usually has hair colored in some sort of darker ombré style and here it fades from a dark brown at the roots to a warm dark blonde on the tips. The fading color technique is super low maintenance and is a great option for a low commitment color choice. Choose a shade that complements your eyes and skin tone.
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Photos: Featureflash/Shutterstock