Minimum / Maximum by Joico

Fashion hair styling and coloring
Sue Pemberton and Darnien Carney take the art of styling hair to the extreme in this great collection. The two hairstylists use style, color, and cuts to optimize all types of hairstyles. Using both minimalist and maximalist design techniques, these two artists show what can really be done to the hair.


When it comes to minimalist designs in fashion, you should think of the styles of Armani and Klein. Using these fashion designers as inspiration, Carney keeps the hairstyles in this collection simple. Examples of this minimalist hair design are short round cuts that use shape and hair color to enhance the look.
Long sleek hair is elegantly styled, but given flair through streaks of color throughout the style. The hairstyles in the Minimum collection have colors that are warm and enhancing with cuts that are straightforward and simple.

Yellow Hair

Short cut with a yellow hair color
Radiance with multiple dimensions takes this short round cut into design heaven. The minimalist approach concentrates on the essence of shape and color and results in an intense, fiery look with an outer-worldly glow.
A strong sunflower yellow sits atop the bright platinum base color like a wide brushstroke by a painter's skilled hand. The cut features long, asymmetrical bangs styled to the front from a shorter neck and back.

Yellow Hair Color Effect

Blonde hair with a yellow color effect
Pure beauty from every angle! This picture emphasizes the cut and demonstrates how a single yellow color effect is enough to modify a look and take it to a new level.

Long Hair with Streaks

Long brown hair with orange streaks
Red, orange and gold streaks glow in the dark hair like a rare gemstone and in combination with the "icy" background the nature of each element culminates in a lightning strike of fashion.
The long hair of this raven beauty was generously textured in the tips, sparing the blunt and straight bangs. The full fringe and the sides are marbled with the intense hues in an organic and highly artistic flow.

Powerful Hair Coloring

Long brown hair with color patterns and streaks
The same cut and color, but a different style puts the focus on the inner structure and previously hidden power of the hair coloring. More color becomes visible in new patterns as the sleek look is deconstructed and left to be its own wild self.


Think of fashion designers Galliano and McQueen. Just as they are over the top, these hairstyles are loaded with extra elements and extreme detail to make them over the top as well. The cuts are bold and striking, with maximum texture.
The hair colors are extremely bold. Reds and purples give the styles the maximum effect with pops of color in unique places to give that little bit of extra intrigue.

Blonde with Purple Streaks

Medium long blonde hair with purple streaks
The intricate cut is full of surprises and shows a different facet from every angle. In a masterful application the hair color supports the cubist effect in high luminosity.
Berry purple radiates on a vanilla blonde base in a modern glow that takes the eye on an adventurous excursion to the different lengths, smooth or sleek sections and asymmetrical lines playing in this rule breaking, yet balanced and elegant design.

Interwoven Purple Hair Color

Blonde hair with interwoven purple coloring
Different view points reveal more and more fascinating details. In this image we see the fine balance of textures and lengths and how the purple color has been interwoven into the layers of hair - either in a blunt approach on top or hidden with coy charm under a semi transparent layer of blonde hair.

Red Page Boy Cut

Page boy cut for red hair with streaks
Red in all its glowing incarnations is the celebrated star of this short page boy cut. While the nature of the cut is simplicity, spiked with just a few surprises in the front section, the color is what makes the heads turn.
Slivers and wide strands of multiple shapes of red, fiery orange and delicious purple seem to dance with lightness and maximum dimension on a dark canvas, reflecting the light in memorable intensity.

Dramatic Red Hair Color

Dramatic red hair color
If showing of dramatic red color is not enough for you, this wild version of the previous style might just be the right look for you.
With the hair teased, tousled and defying gravity the inner soul of the colors is exposed and showing off the delightful contrast of the warm and cold shades of red.
Photos: Joico
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