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Joico Trend Collection

Sue Pemberton and Darnien Carney take the art of styling hair to the extreme in this great collection. The two hairstylists use style, color, and cuts to optimize all types of hairstyles. Using both minimalist and maximalist design techniques, these two artists show what can really be done to the hair.
  • yellow hair color
  • yellow colored hair
  • hair with orange streaks
  • long hair with streaks
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When it comes to minimalist designs in fashion, you should think of the styles of Armani and Klein. Using these fashion designers as inspiration, Carney keeps the hairstyles in this collection simple. Examples of this minimalist hair design are short round cuts that use shape and color to enhance the look.
Long sleek hair is elegantly styled, but given flair through streaks of color throughout the style. The hairstyles in the Minimum collection have colors that are warm and enhancing with cuts that are straightforward and simple.
    purple hair streaks purple hair coloring short red page boy wild red hair
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Think of fashion designers Galliano and McQueen. Just as they are over the top, these hairstyles are loaded with extra elements and extreme detail to make them over the top as well. The cuts are bold and striking, with maximum texture.
The hair colors are extremely bold. Reds and purples give the styles the maximum effect with pops of color in unique places to give that little bit of extra intrigue.
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