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The inspiration:
New Bohemian is a unique combination of the sophisticated style worn by English Royalty and the rebellious youth that is trying to break out of these royal structures. The extraordinary and wild styling turns the exact and precise cuts into a multitude of different looks.
Straight lined contours are disrupted by areas of curiously brilliant color nuances and wavy or textured elements. These unique cuts and color elements create a truly and unmistaken individual style.
These looks amaze with their versatility and have become an integral part of hair fashion. They are part of the reason why customers have chosen the Image Hair Group as their top salon.

Elegant Bob

Sleek bob almost touching the shoulders in a forward tapered length
This sleek bob brings some spice to any meeting. Cut in a double wave over the eyebrows and almost touching the shoulders in a forward tapered length, this style is the most elegant form of simplicity.
Not simple at all however is the color. Warm chestnut and dark browns are working together to give amazing shine and depth.

Crimped Rainbow

Short hair crimped and a rainbow of hair colors
A concerto in botanical shapes and colors. Innovative use of hair color and unusual texture and shape are the ingredients to this work of art that defies all norms.
A long sleek tongue of hair reaches below the chin from the top of the crown, the smaller of the two sides has forward flowing hair crimped to tiny waves. The hair colors resemble a pale, pastel rainbow.

Layer of Color

Precise cut bob with straight bangs and a blunt cutting line at chin length
Nature meets technology. A clear, precise cut classical bob with super straight bangs and blunt cutting line at chin length is transformed with new hair coloring techniques. The lower quarter of the bob is smoothly layered to allow for some texture and the round flow of the hair.
Then a layer close to the top is dyed in a burgundy maroon tone. The top layer of the base color pale blond reveals a bit more and less with each movement.

Styled Toward the Face

Hairstyle with daring eccentricity
Audacious floral shape with woodsy - metallic colors. A hairstyle that stands out through its daring eccentricity. Centered on a spot right at the back of the crown, the hair is cut around the head in a round and even line.
It is styled toward the face, with a small gap left open for extra effect. The literal highlight are the dark rust, copper and gold areas in front.

Reversed Bob

Reversed bob with layers of copper and cool berry hair tones
Fluid lines and flows of hair color move over the head in a forward motion. This reversed bob defies all rules. Layered hair is treated with smoothing serum and then blow dried over the head, revealing layers of color.
In this case we see warm copper combined with cool berry tones. Lots of spray and shine serum are indispensable.


Short hair standing out straight to one side
A little wind can turn a clean cut shape into an exciting creation. Pick your favorite side and use your styling tools and products to cheat gravity and have the hair stand out straight to one side. The lines of the bangs and the opposite side are also pointing into this direction.
Berry colored strands in the light baby blonde support the effect and bring in an artsy, rebellious flavor.

Stormy Romantic

Short hairstyle with romantic curls in the bangs and wispy sides
We all have different aspects to our personalities. Why not bring them all out in one hairstyle. The romantic curls in the bangs speak for themselves, the spiky, wispy sides standing out asymmetrically to one side question everything and express freedom, the rest of the hair flatters in its ordered and elegant shape.
The light blonde base color is taken to its limits with a burst of soft cherry coke in the Renaissance bangs.
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