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Dolls House

Gandini Club

Inspired from the romantic city of Verona, Italy's Gandini Club's spring summer hairstyles collection combines sharp and angular "power cuts", easing away the severity of winter, with more delicate and subtle styles, ascending towards the gentler months of spring and summer.
Aptly named "Dolls House", Gandini Club's clever amalgamation of styles, tones, quirkiness and subtleties, resonates the creativity, individualism and personality of a dolls house.
  • neatly combed hair
  • old-fashioned hairdo for long hair
  • mannish haircut
  • short bob
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Working alongside Vitality, who exceed in producing hair brimming with opulence and luxury, Gandini Club's "Dolls House" is a fabulously modern and bold collection of styles, assertively stating their presence in the new decade, whilst retaining the same tradition and femininity usually associated with doll houses.
The use of bold and one-toned colors creates a dramatic edge, fusing femininity and sensuality with self assurance and confidence, necessitated for a new decade of inspirational hair.
Hairstyles: Gandini Club Team for Vitality's
Styling: Giuseppe Di Cecca
Make-up: Christine Dupuys
Assistant: Federico Spotti
Photography: Paulo Renftle
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