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Inspiring Pair

Moving Hair - Switzerland

With their new collection "Inspiring Pair" the Moving Hair Art-Team launches cut and color as the new power pair. Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director, says: "MH5, the new cut and coloring system by Moving Hair, presents brand new possibility to serve the demands of discerning clients with the highest quality while requesting only the most minimal investment of our client's time. The result is a perfect play of cut and color at a salon!"
The basic idea for the new trend colorations was the phrase "natural tone enhancement". The Moving Hair Art Team supports and deepens the reflection of the natural hue of the hair and uses artful cutting techniques as an enhancement of the new ideas for trend looks. Within 2 to 4 minutes the hair is sectioned according to the individual lines of the cut and then colored. The names of the MH5 techniques are: diagonal-, curve-, star-, moon- and sun-lights. Using these techniques colorations are implemented quickly and effectively.
  • short trend haircut
  • short hair with streak
  • dressy short haircut
  • adorable hairstyle
  • copper hair
  • long bangs and curls
  • long sweeping hair
  • fashion style for long hair
  • masculine short hair
  • male fashion haircut
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Dense, compact with rounded silhouettes - the new cuts are inspired by the 70s. Strongly layered, voluptuous volume is combined with cuts featuring geometrical and clear lines. Bangs are compact and flow into the sides without transitions. The new credo of finishing is: as natural and shiny as possible.
With the new standards the Art-Team creates the perfect play of cut and color and presents the fabulous results in their Inspiring Pair Collection. Contrasts remain soft and coy, but they boast great luminosity. The new trend colors are: Ice Blue, Tobacco and Fluorescent Copper. This is how the most refined coiffeur skills are connected with the individuality of the client.
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