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Inspiration for hair
With their new collection "Inspiring Pair" the Moving Hair Art-Team launches cut and color as the new power pair. Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director, says: "MH5, the new cut and coloring system by Moving Hair, presents brand-new possibilities to serve the demands of discerning clients with the highest quality while requesting only the most minimal investment of our client's time. The result is a perfect play of cut and color at a salon!"
The basic idea for the new trend colorations was the phrase "natural tone enhancement". The Moving Hair Art Team supports and deepens the reflection of the natural hue of the hair and uses artful cutting techniques as an enhancement of the new ideas for trend looks. Within 2 to 4 minutes the hair is sectioned according to the individual lines of the cut and then colored. The names of the MH5 techniques are: diagonal-, curve-, star-, moon- and sun-lights. Using these techniques, colorations are implemented quickly and effectively.

Icy Hot

Short trend haircut for blonde hair with a blue streak
A shimmering blue streak is placed diagonally across the head and adds another degree of coolness to the choppy short haircut. The cutting lines are just as crisp as the color scheme and come together in angelic geometry with an undeniable punky influence.
Versatility is the second name of this trendy short hairstyle that outshines even the stars at night.

Textured Ice

Versatile short blonde hair with a blue streak
This short haircut is one of the most versatile looks and can be styled in numerous ways, wherever the mood, situation or inspiration takes you. A subtle icy blue streak runs across the crown and adds a cosmic element to the platinum blonde creation which also features light and feathery textures on top opposing the dense and blunt bangs.

Chestnut Shine

Dressy short page boy haircut for brown hair
The pageboy has grown up and is not only shorter but more voluminous. Well-rounded edges result from a slight undercut and the skilled application of color adds a whole new dimension and depth. The chestnut base is enhanced with streaks in a harmonious but discernable dark walnut tone.
All results in a perfect combination and balance of a rounded haircut and a warm color. A precious and dressy hairstyle.

Two in One

Adorable short two in one hairstyle
The surprise in this adorable look for short hair is a second level full of character that teases with just a few glimpses through the longer top strands. The lower part is cut in straight lines with clear edges and smothered in a warm dark blonde.
The top layer is just the opposite with generous lengths, a free organic flow, textured ends and a bright sunshine blonde color. You can imagine how many fun styling options are possible with these two cuts on one head hairstyle.

Copper Courage

Medium long copper color hair
Bold in shape and color is this fluorescent copper colored medium long hair. The face is framed by an oval opening that was cut as narrow and pointed as possible with gentle texturing along its tapered line.
Top volume is the key for the interesting helmet shape that is only disrupted by a few layers that break up the solid, shiny surface with beautiful textured tendrils.

Bangs and Curls

Long layered hairstyle with bangs and curls
Snazzy long bangs and wild, tousled curls - the best of both worlds is brought together in this sizzling long and layered hairstyle. Of course the tips are textured to the max, thus enhancing volume and movement. Wide blonde streaks on a cigar background make a daring statement.

Sweeping Layers

Long sweeping hair with layers
This one comes with momentum. The high velocity of this long, layered haircut might render you breathless. Textured tips and a long fringe are not only trendy, they are super attractive! Bathed in a warm tobacco blonde glow with golden accents this opulent creation will help you take on the world!

Coy Glances

Fashion style for long brown hair
Dare to be a diva. There is no need to hold back. Opulent lines and drama are finally back in the world of hair fashion and we can pump up the volume again. This long style features a ton of slightly deconstructed curls in its lower half and blinds with the intense shine that reflects from the sleek top section in a dark coffee color.

Masculine with Style

Masculine short hair with layers and sideburns
Most men still prefer masculine short looks, but many are looking for trendy varieties that break the mold. This through and through layered and textured haircut with brave long bangs and attractive sideburns might just be the rescue for the fashion hungry beaus.
The shiny medium golden blonde softens the look. An effect that is counteracted here perfectly with a light shadow of stubbles.

Rebel Rebel

Male fashion haircut for brown hair
Long choppy tresses are layered with finesse and boost some high volume in this still short but full male hairstyle. The texturing is just enough to soften the edges and underline the rebellious character of his new fashion statement.
The warm, intense brown hair color supports the overall feel of this must-have look and takes it from a trendy street style to high hair fashion.
All photos ©Moving Hair - Switzerland
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