NO.ON by Raffel Pages

Hair with cold and matte color tones
The human being has always felt an uncontrollable curiosity for life in the future. Technological innovations are a natural part of our day to day life and virtual reality has become part of our everyday life and dissolves the line between reality and fiction.
NO.ON is inspired by man's relationship with technology, the thin line between the real and the virtual, where beauty explores the past to reinvent the future, the traditional with experimentation ... Two opposite directions to find the perfect balance and to feel integrated in this reality of the 21st century, where anything is possible.
NO.ON brings us hair, cuts and textures that are compact and symmetrical. Straight lines and structured cuts, mixed with textures and more imprecise finishes that give us movement and lightness. All of this without losing femininity and urban aesthetics.
As for hair color, the tones of science and the cosmos offer us an opportunity for experimentation and the creation of a new image of futuristic poetry. Hair with cold and matte tones, revitalized by more vibrant and energetic hues.

Pastel Hair Colors

Blonde hair with pastel colors in the roots area
This long hairstyle seems to be enjoying a revival of sorts, especially paired with the futuristic pastel hair colors incorporated in the roots area. The blonde hair has been thinned out at the tips to increase texture, while it has been layered around her face to create an almost angelic-like frame.
The model has long, naturally thin and fine hair. It is usually not a very good idea to wear your hair straight and long like this if you have thin and fine hair. In this case though, the stylist used extensions to make her hair look much thicker, and a bit longer.

Ultramodern Long Hair

ultramodern long hair
The fusion of dramatic creative cutting techniques, paired with a brilliant stroke of color in the fringe makes this hairstyle impossible to forget.
Extensions have been used to increase the thickness and length of the hair, while also making the striking oblong rectangle sides possible. Intense, sharp edges have been used while shearing the tips of the hair to create the ultramodern look, with the stylist concentrating especially to cut the tips of the hair perfectly straight and solid.
A rounded, softer approach was used around the face by sweeping the hair away from the face and securing it in place with gel. The cool green-to-blue splash of color in the fringe perfects this futuristic look.

Ash Dark Blonde Bob

A-line bob with a rounded fringe
Modern haircut with a bobline
Ash dark blonde hair
Loving this hairstyle and color! The model’s hair has been cut into a much defined A-line bob with a solid, slightly rounded fringe. The stylist incorporated a relatively heavy weight line at the tips of the bob, while adding slight texture and movement by thinning out the tips very slightly to keep the weight line from appearing solid.
A very ash dark blonde was used to color the hair, while you can see very slight hints of indigo lowlights on the side of the fringe.

Asymmetrical Bob for Gray Hair

Asymmetrical bob for gray hair
Bob with one forward slanting side
Hair with gray tints
This is a textbook example of combining hair cut, color and style absolutely flawlessly.
The stylist elected for an exceptional asymmetrical bob, with the one side of the medium bob cut relatively straight and clean. The other side slants forward into an A-line bob slope that hides half of the model’s exquisite face.
A steel-gray fused with a lighter cobalt-gray tint was used to showcase and illuminate the angles, cut and ultimate peculiarity of the overall style. A soft, wavy kink in the hair shows off the color play between gray and cobalt immaculately.

Short Hairstyle with a Thick Fringe

Short hairstyle with thick bangs
Short hairstyle with a modern hairline
This hairstyle is a brilliant crossbreed of old-school and futuristic. The stylist focused keenly on the frontal appearance of the style by utilizing a thick, exaggerated fringe that covers the tops of the model’s striking eyebrows.
The hairline along the face is impeccably defined, yet slightly softened with the use of thinning shears to keep the look from being severe. The sides have been sculpted beautifully by fusing a stark angle before the ear and rounded curves in the temple area, which renders this short hairstyle irrefutably feminine.
The ashy pearl-blonde color illuminates the elements of the style beautifully.

Picture-Perfect Pixie Haircut

Picture-perfect pixie haircut
Every-day short hairstyle with heavy bangs
Here we have a picture-perfect pixie hairstyle that is both futuristic, yet perfectly adequate to wear as an every-day style to the office. Again, the stylist paid a lot of attention to the frontal appearance of the style, while also shaping the sides with such impeccable attention to detail that one cannot help but to linger over a second and third look.
The full, heavy bangs cover the model’s forehead and eyebrows in a straight line. Slight curves are used to connect the straight fringe and hooked sides. The hooked sides curve upwards again, following the short hairline which exposes her ears and neckline.

Shaggy Pixie Cut

Shaggy pixie cut
This hairstyle is absolutely incredible. The stylist opted for a short, shaggy pixie style with an exaggerated fringe. You’ll see that the bangs are cut asymmetrical; with the one side short (fused with soft pastel pink peekaboo lowlights), and the other side longer and sweeping.
The short side is cut with an eye on showcasing the chiselled angle in the temple area, while incorporating soft wisps of hair to soften the side angle of the style. The ashy baby-blonde hue once again showcases the angles and curves of the hairstyle brilliantly.

Super Short Pixie Cut

Super short pixie cut
Whoever uttered that short hair is less feminine than long hair, clearly has never seen this image! This super short pixie style has been crafted by a brilliant stylist who reigns perfect control over his cutting shears, razor and thinning shears.
The short bangs grace the model’s forehead in a high arc, while longer sides render the line dreamy and wispy. A dry-look wax has been added to the hair, and expertly ruffled by the stylist to create an impeccably styled designer look. The base color is a light-ash blonde, while very slight peach-blonde hues come through in the fringe.
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