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NO.ON by Raffel Pages

  • pastel hair colors
  • ultramodern long hair
  • ash dark blonde bob
  • asymmetrical bob for gray hair
  • short hairstyle with thick bangs
  • picture-perfect haircut
  • shaggy pixie cut
  • super short pixie cut
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The human being has always felt an uncontrollable curiosity for life in the future. Technological innovations are a natural part of our day to day life and virtual reality has become part of our everyday life and dissolves the line between reality and fiction.
NO.ON is inspired by man's relationship with technology, the thin line between the real and the virtual, where beauty explores the past to reinvent the future, the traditional with experimentation ... Two opposite directions to find the perfect balance and to feel integrated in this reality of the 21st century, where anything is possible.
NO.ON brings us hair, cuts and textures that are compact and symmetrical. Straight lines and structured cuts, mixed with textures and more imprecise finishes that give us movement and lightness. All of this without losing femininity and urban aesthetics.
As for hair color, the tones of science and the cosmos offer us an opportunity for experimentation and the creation of a new image of futuristic poetry. Hair with cold and matte tones, revitalized by more vibrant and energetic hues.
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