Fashion Hairstyles by La Biosthetique

Platinum Blonde Curls

Permanent for platinum blonde curls
A dazzling party of white platinum hair is captured in a blast of curls on top of one another building volume and punch for this energetic hairstyle.
Ideally a moderate permanent would be the best way to keep such a hairstyle and to achieve the small round bounce of the curls.

Platinum Hair Design

Long platinum blonde hair
The attraction of a sleek platinum hair design brings us hair cut into long layers with a smooth touch coming over the top and dipping on the cheek of the model.
The other side flows into another smooth ride until the exhibition of a few flips, coils and round curls rest along her shoulders. This long hairstyle would require a lot of labor, but it's worth it.

Saddle Brown Hair

Long style for saddle brown hair
Long saddle brown colored hair flows in unison from the centered part in a heavy concentration of bulk. The ends cluster into a mass of waves and curls extending a holiday of decoration around her shoulders. This hairstyle is heavier maintenance, unless you have naturally wavy/curly hair.

Versatile Hair Length

Versatile hair that covers the neck
A cool brown hair color is created with a side part that directs the bangs over to cover part of the face and swing out from both sides of the head in beautiful flips. The layers cover the neck and are a versatile length to be worn back or in an upswing. The flips can be achieved by blow drying or rolling.

Bangs with Bulk

Blonde below the shoulders hair and bangs with bulk
Long thread-like layers grace this hairstyle with the bangs given plenty of bulk that ride over the eyebrows. There are textured wisps of hair that flip out and others that lie in various shapes below her shoulders. A gentle blow dry and a spritz of gloss will do the trick.

Fanned over the Shoulders

Long hair with three colors coloring
The marked variations of tri-colors hair coloring are most apparent with the duck smooth bilevel clip that flows over the head and edges just above the ears and over the eyebrows. The rest of the hair is quite long and is fanned over the shoulders. This hairstyle can be disguised to look short or long.

Soft Blonde Hair

Long and soft blonde hair with angles
The model is wearing a glassy soft blonde that rides down from the top and over to one side into the edged angles. The hair along the back is longer than the sides and flows down from the neckline while the side hair tips the shoulders. Thickening gels and styling agents will assist in this hairstyle.

Three Haircuts In One

Hairstyle with different lengths and fringed sides
There are three haircuts into one and when we look closely we can see the marked edging of bluntness arched around the bangs. The sides are fringed with a texturizing technique, either from the razor or the scissors toward the face. The back falls into greater length brushing the shoulders.

Long Silky Bob

Easy to keep long blonde bob
Arctic platinum blonde hair is cast into a long silky bob and thick pieces of bangs are positioned over the eyebrows. This is an easy keeper, with the right haircut and products for your hair texture. This versatile look could be rolled for waves and coils.

Shag Hairstyle

Shag haircut with irregular bangs
An attractive light strawberry blonde hair color is cut in a shag hairstyle with the bangs covering the forehead in irregular sections. There is a halo of threads of hair around the head, styled into flips and fun curls.
The haircut itself would be easy to maintain, however with the thin strips of hair it would be difficult, unless you are talented.

Beautiful Waves

Beautiful wavy hair with sable coloring
The magnificence of long sable hair rolling in beautiful waves wins all the ribbons on the catwalk. The use of conventional rollers stabilizes this hairstyle together while popping in the waves.
The weight of the hair could make this a difficult hairstyle to maintain, depending upon the texture of your hair.

Heavy Angled Bob

Heavy angled bob with the hair combed towards the face
A heavy angled bob with stout bronzed highlights over a bright cinnamon color is clipped over the eyebrows and closes into the cheeks like a hat. The hairstyle is combed from the crown with everything toward the face. A real winner, as long as you keep the hairstyle shaped.

Short Hairstyle with Layers

Short haircut with layers
A fanciful light warm blonde/brown hair color is designed in short layers around the nape of the neck and graduates into longer layers going up into the crown and a large bulk of hair that comes down over one side of the face.
The sides are straightly combed down over the ears and left with a single long strand that lies in front of the ears.

Long Silky Hair

Long silky hair that plunges below the shoulders
Blazes of golden reddish blonde hair are complimented with a long silky hairstyle that plunges below the shoulders.
The top begins from the crown and is styled toward the face and dips along the sides presenting the duo clip. Because of the length and the style, this hair pattern could be hard to keep.

Fringed Around the Neckline

Easy to keep hairstyle
A textured bi-level haircut is fringed around the neckline and cuffs up around the face in thickly pieced sections. The bulky bangs divide the face heavily over one eye while exposing the multicolored shades of blonde, brown and caramel hair.
This is a fun hairstyle to wear and easy to keep as long as you realistically wear the bangs out of your eyes or clip them a bit shorter.

Curly Hairstyle

Curly medium length hairstyle
This exciting medium length hairstyle is a touch of natural curly hair designed in strips of blonde over a shade of medium brown and possibly given the illusion of natural curly through a good body wave.
The hairstyle is longer in the back and shorter on the sides (shag) with a curly heavier top that dances around the forehead. It could be an easy hairstyle with a customized body wave.

Style and Go Hairstyle

Neckline length style and go hairstyle
Rich sherry wine colored hair is shaped with a bilevel hairstyle that nestles around the neckline and becomes shorter while combing the hair up in the crown.
The large thick sections of hair on the top are gelled to spike up in the different directions while the sides are combed simply over half part of the ears. A style and go hairstyle for those who are creative.

Easy Layered Haircut

Easy to style layered haircut
This is a delightful layered haircut that could be easy to style with a moderate body wave. The longer sections of the hair are seen in the crown and the edged bangs split over one eye, introducing the rest of the hair with the threads of curls and coils.

Wash and Wear Hairstyle

Wash and wear haircut for women
This shingled short haircut is topped off with a surf top that is created with gel to expose the individuality of the lines in the hair. For the daring, to say the least. The easy as pie hairdo is definitely a wash and wear hairstyle. All you need is some gel and you are ready to walk out the door.

Curls Around the Shoulders

Long blonde hair with curls
Lovely long classic blonde lines have been centered in the middle and brushed down into an under curl or pageboy on the one side and the other side is ribboned in large glossy coils that cluster around her shoulders. The long bangs dip on both sides, lying over the sides of the hair.

Jumbo Curls

Long blonde hairstyle with jumbo curls
A glorious lion's mane is cascaded in jumbo curls and waves that make for big attractive hair. The top is designed over and with a little lift creating the coil that lies along the side. A body wave would work with this long hairstyle for consistent stability.

Bluntly Angled Haircut

Long and bluntly angled hair
A sparkling sherry hair color is harmonized with touches of bronze around the sides and streaked into the heavy straight bangs. The long haircut is bluntly angled to conform into the desired frame around the facial features. The key features are of a bulky thick impression that can be obtained with thickening gel.

Fun Style for Red Hair

Fun shoulder-length style with layers for red hair
Festive red lines become ablaze with color in a spritely layered haircut. The bangs capture a window of sassiness over one eye, while the rest of the hair lies in half flips and shy under curls. This fun hairstyle can be easily maintained with a customized body wave.

Short Round Hairstyle

Smooth and glossy short round hairstyle
This round hairstyle is a picture of smooth and glossiness and fashioned with a high side part that brings the long bangs straightly down and over the eyes.
The rest of the hair is drawn back to cover half of the ears. Use thickening gel while drying.
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