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Hairstyles Autumn Winter 2009

Royston Blythe's reputation for being the industry leader at producing red carpet glamour and the inevitable envy that goes with it, is intensified with his Autumn Winter 2009 hairstyles collection.
Combining Marilyn Monroe-like peroxide blonde tones with stunningly deep and desirable shades of brown, the "blonde versus brunette" debate has not only been resurrected back into "hair politics", but has never been more heated.
  • fringe styled to the side
  • blunt short fringe
  • feminine short crop
  • flamboyant curls
  • 1950s look with curls
  • lively long hair
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Although it is not just the colors in this comprehensive collection which have caused a whirlwind of inspiration and debate, as the haircuts are equally as inspiring. Feathery textures versus sharper geometric shapes, tight curls swept on top of the head, literally falling onto the face, contrast to the wavy, long and luscious layers overflowing with body and volume.
In short, Royston Blythe's remarkable knack for catering for every desire and taste is exemplified in this Autumn Winter collection. It is little wonder therefore that celebrities, fashion designers and glamour-pussies alike, are queuing up to be transformed into objects of desire by Royston Blythe's rousing collection.
In the 2009 Autumn Winter collection flamboyance and grandiosity have been rendered into an art, and on the eve of a new decade and at the end of the "noughties", Royston Blythe could not have better timed such a elaborate collection of hairstyles.
Hair: Royston Blythe Artistic Team
Make-up: Justine Collins
Photography: David Goldman
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