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Oscar Oscar Salons

Sculpted shapes give this contemporary collection of hairstyles a very artsy feel. Emphasis is on clearly defined shapes and muted colors. Extreme graduation in the nape and longer hair towards the top and front bring about unusual contours and interesting new styling options. All of the short looks are on the top-heavy side featuring most of the action above the ears.
  • hair with graduated rear
  • nape with lifting
  • mushroom cut
  • long large curls
  • steeply graduated neck
  • loosely gathered hair
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Curls in short or long styles are thick and luscious as a perfect curl should be in one short and one long style.
Colors are taken from the natural palette and are, except the red mane, slightly muted and soothingly neutral, but never dull.
Award: Hair Expo Australia - Photographic Collection of the Year Finalists
Finalist: Oscar Cullinan
Salon: Oscar Oscar Salons