Summer 09 by John Beerens

Modern hairstyles for older people
John Bereens' collection is uniquely presented using older models. The looks are modern and fashionable, proving finally that youth isn't the only owner of beauty.
The styles are layered and wonderfully textured. They range from edgy, fun looks to full-volume and more traditional styles, with updated techniques to give these hairstyles for older women and men current appeal.

Modern Twist for Short Hair

Short hairstyle for older women
This edgy, layered hairstyle takes the traditional look of shorter length for older women and gives it a modern twist. The elongated nape and longer top sections give a vertical lift to the style. The style is deeply textured using a razor tool providing softness to the overall look while keeping the feel modern.
Styling likely consists of a diffused blow-dry with a large round brush to provide a gentle bend to the hair. Use a texturing product, such as sculpting paste in order to add some structure to the hair and allow the formation of definition in the strands.

Mid-Length Hairstyle

Medium hairstyle for older women
This modern, mid-length hairstyle for an older woman features a softly curving fringe and long layers curled in large waves to add volume and fully-rounded softness to the rear of the style. The layers are point-cut at the ends for balancing the volume, and layered in a circle-cut style in the crown, sides and nape sections.
Styling is likely a combination of large-tool roller set with round brush finishing with a mist of hairspray to allow the creation of definition, and long-lasting hold.

Short and Sassy Hairstyle

Pixie cut with layers for older women
This short and sassy, pixie style for older women is all about the texture. The razor-cut layers create soft, light edges and help to balance stronger lines and features. The styling is a gentle blow-out with a round brush to give the hair a feathery lay across the scalp.
The trick here seems to be to keep the volume down and keep the hair close to the scalp to create a cap of hair and frame the face.

Lift on Top

Short hairstyle with lift on top for older women
Here's the previous haircut revisited. This time we amp the volume and give the short hair a lot of lift in the top, crown and upper-side sections. The asymmetrical direction of the hair is good for balancing prominent features, while the overall increase in volume offers a counter to the strong lower jaw and helps keep the silhouette in balance.
This look for this older woman is best crafted using a structuring product with a round brush and a blow-dryer, followed by a touch of smoothing serum to add definition and shine to the strands.

Short Back and Sides

Short back and sides hairstyle for older men
Even older men deserve to look good, and traditional men's styles can benefit just as much from a touch of updated techniques as any women's style. The classic "short back and sides" hairstyle gets a new twist with a little extra length in the top sections and a razor-cut texture.
Styled with a strong side part and texturing pomade combed-through, the hair looks defined and sculpted with slight rockabilly flair.

Carefree Layered Hairstyle

Short and carefree layered haircut for older women
Our last look of the hairstyles collection for older women and men is another shorter, layered style with a lot of texture, structure and an edgy, carefree finish. The top and nape sections are longer to emphasize the vertical line of the silhouette, while the layers themselves are razor cut and given that choppy look which allows for the creation of heavily defined tendrils.
Styling involves a structuring product such as sculpting paste or wax-based pomade, combined with a blow-dry styling using the fingers to create a rough and ready-to-wear style with an edgy, free-wheeling feel.
Hair: John Beerens
Photography: Jaap Buijs