Vintage by Sergio Bossi

Hairstyles inspired by vintage looks
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The collection of flattering hairstyles from Sergio Bossi gives us a delightful reinterpretation of vintage styles from the 1930s to the 1960s, 1970s and even the 1980s. The original is still recognizable, but it has been reborn and amplified with new techniques, visions and a lot of meticulous fine-tuning. Attention to details is at the core of this refined selection of new looks.
Mini fringes peek out under longer bangs with textured spunk, curls are shaped to new glamour, and volume is targeted to provide distinct shapes. The hair colors are warm and often two or three shades are combined to bring each one to its full potential and to create a hypnotizing depth and movement on the hair.

Short Curly Hairstyle

Graduated short brown hair with curls
Short curly hair with a graduated back
Trapeze shaped curls with a strong asymmetrical slant still have the soul of a glorious gone by era but also all the energy and vibe of our present time. The volume is full of movement like the brush strokes on an abstract painting - pointing first from left to right and at the same time from the graduated back towards the front.
With this short hairstyle on the head, the word boredom should be erased out of ones dictionary. Darker and lighter nuances of roasted nut shades play with the light and enhance the curves and the beautiful swirls.

Fashionable Short Page Cut

Short page cut with textured tips for brown hair
Short and fashionable page haircut
Short haircut with hair that clings close to the face
This short page cut is strongly textured in the tips which pronounces the rounded shape and allows the hair to cling close to the face.
A long fringe, styled in a steep angle across the forehead is outplayed by its tiny counterpart that peeks through in a textured triangle and it does so with a lot of fashionable spunk. Perfect for cool days is the autumn chestnut color with a hint of honey and burgundy.

Men's Haircuts with Sideburns

Men's haircut with longer top hair and volume
Men's hair cut with sideburns
Men's haircuts show more volume in this collection. But all within the distinct lines of a neat outline. Short sides and graduated necklines transition into a few handfuls of longer top hair which can be styled in many different ways, depending on the challenge of the day and the event.
Sideburns are a must and no matter if the hair is styled to the back, the side or slickly pomaded to utter sleekness, these styles with their spirit of the 50s and 80s are dapper and captivating.

Sleek Short Haircut

Neat short haircut with the sides tugged behind the ears
Playful use of textures and lines comes out as a neat, sleek and plainly adorable short haircut. A highly textured mini fringe peeks out under the ruler-straight line of the long bangs which are tugged behind her right ear and lead the eye to the slightly deconstructed, fanned out back side.
The opposite side is a touch calmer with an indicated sideburn and the hair tugged backwards in a smooth, round shape. The walnut-golden hair color brings a warm glow to the skin.

Short Haircut with Volume

Short hair with volume and a low partition
The same short cut from the previous photo with a boost in volume on the crown. While the shorter side of the low partition still succumbs to gravity and only shows off a gently rounded curve, it is the top that is truly over the top with a lot of lift at the roots and a serpentine swing to spice it up even more. Gentle hair color contrasts enhance the motion and shine.

Short Hair with a Long Fringe

Flexible short haircut with finger-styling
This casual variation showcases one more aspect of this flexible short haircut. Here the previously smooth and sleek styling makes room for happy tousled, just perfect for a day outdoors.
The full backside and the long fringe dominate the look with gently mussed waves and curves. Finger-styling brought to perfection!
Hairstyles: Sergio Bossi
Make-up: Maniacha
Styling: Nado Al Tabbal
Photos: Alain Bocquet
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