Jean Vallon - Summer 07

Hair with smooth glossy lines
A touch of romance blooms in the air with Vallon's whimsical inventions of feminine smooth glossy lines of hair. A youthful man models two different hairstyles for us to decide which we like the best. You give the nod, it's all here for your choosing.

Flaxen Blonde Hair

Medium length flaxen blonde hair
Embrace the moment of romance with medium length flaxen light blonde hair clipped in textures that lace along the sides toward the face.
Like a fine silken thread, the very short bangs are delicately framed around the face; as if kissed by a moonbeam a love is missed.

Short Ink Black Bob

Ink black hair in a bob with a clipped up nape
A rich ink black bob angled over the side of the face and styled as if wearing a beret delivers applause from those seeking a new and fresh look. The longest area begins on one side of the crown and comes down to the nape that is clipped up to meet the longer section.
The sides blend in from the back with the same formation from the crown. The top flows slightly more in the one side asymmetrically.

Away from the Face

Long hair brushed away from the face
The tantalizing effect of haughty reddish brown/blonde hair is seen with the hair brushed severely and tightly away from the face with the two exceptions of the wind curl on the very top and the long winding band of hair that lies below the shoulders.

Cleopatra Resemblance

Cleaopatra inspired style for hair
A resemblance of Cleopatra in all her glory is canopied with dark brunette hair and serious blunted edges for the bangs that begin from the crown. The sides and back are measured about half way along the neck.
The chunky bands of hair lie over the bulky haircut, down the shoulders and upon her back.

Young Men's Haircut

Blockage cut hair with sideburns for young men
The handsome young man is ridden with angled slicks of hair into every direction and paying special attention towards thickness on the top.
The hairstyle reveals a good blockage cut that promotes masculinity with the ends thwarting out every which way. The sideburns are another good feature with the hair clipped over the ears.

Men's Hair with Forward Styling

Short men's haircut with forward styling
A grand men's haircut is finalized by being blown all the way from the crown to rest on the tip of the forehead. The sides are also combed toward the face.
The center on the top has volume from the blow dry and gives attention to the detailed blonde streaks in the front.
Hairstyles: Jean Vallon