Flawless Folk by Paul Gehring for ALCINA

Folk hairstyles for long and short hair
Paul Gehring hits it out of the ballpark again with his latest collection composed of modern folk styles. His dreamy and rustic creations carry on tradition now elevated by contemporary design. Here you find it all from braided artistry to tomboyish short cuts and in between stylish curls and layered bobs.
The looks are infused by a strong spirit and down to earth fashion sense playing with the elements, eclectic cultural influences and bold expression. These intense looks are made to be worn with denim, leather and lace. They are for the cultivated woman of the world who is in touch with her own spirit and who expresses her strong ideals.

Tomboy Hair in Lilac

Short hair with a lilac or purple color
Feminine style for very short hair
Hair in a short crop with a super short graduated neck
A tomboy style has never been this feminine. The short crop has a super short graduated neck and a tiny undercut on the side symbolizing beginning sideburns. The top hair is happily textured and reduces in lengths from the back to the short bangs.
The hair color of choice is a magical lilac with silvery highlights that reaches from the back to the center where it switches into a warmer tone of the same base color, now with a hint of red in it. This subtle step and the disheveled styling make it a soft and yet fierce look to be reckoned with.

Pastel Short Crop

Soft pastel hair color for a pixie
Modern short crop with a soft pastel hair color
It comes in a soft color but with high power in cut and expression. A modern short crop that was created to let her face be the star. The versatility to the pixie cut cannot be surpassed as there are a gazillion of styling options.
Today she wears it simple and neat with a little volume in the roots. The hair is combed in a diagonal line into her forehead where it ends with a cute little fringe barely covering the hairline. Her color is a smooth and creamy lilac in two tones with a cosmic attitude.

Folksy Bob Haircut

Bob haircut with highlights and a natural flow
Bob with long bangs and a wave
Casual and equipped with an effortless sex appeal this blast from the past comes with all of the grounded flair that calls for a guitar and a good song. She wears it with a modern styling that focuses on the long bangs, a thrilling wave and glistening yet unobtrusive highlights.
The natural flow and stylish details can make this a new favorite. Her hair color is a warm brown with the darkest tones framing her face. The sparkly lights accentuate the curves and the movement of the hair.

Bob with Volume

Glamorous and curly bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle with volume and curls
Bob hairstyle with curls
Be it for the holidays or any other event where you feel inclined to present the most glamorous and sexy you, opt for some curly action.
The same bob that we saw before in a more demure incarnation is now full of volume, dramatic movement and still retains the very distinct and emphasized fringe which is styled flat and formfitting diagonally across her face.
A play of browns and golden colors bring a festive sparkle and much depth to the hair.

Short White Hair

Short white hair with curls
Short hair that follows the shape of the neckline
As white as snow with a glassy shine this bundle of the most delightful curls just hovers on top of her head like a soft cloud. The purity of the hair color competes with the spicy shape and the elongated floating bangs.
The base cut leans on classic cuts for men with its distribution of lengths, short on the sides and longer on top. In the back the hair is very short and follows the shape of her neckline. This style of heightened elegance and finesse still comes across as grounded and bold in an angelic rock'n roll explosion.

Spiral Shaped Curls

Long blonde hair with spiral shaped curls
Hairstyle with thick braided strands
These curls of determination are fit for a strong woman who is ready for the next adventure. Whether she discovers ancient secrets in the desert or explores the mysteries of her city, she is coming with truly tremendous style. The long hair is moved by innumerable spiral shaped curls, all caught in a weightless dance.
The most eye catching element however are the thick braided strands on top of her head. A hairy crown for a powerful modern princess. Her hair color is a refreshing mix of platinum and Sahara blonde with silvery accents and roots.

Voluminous Long Curls

Long hair with voluminous curls
Long hairstyle with dynamic curls
She may be leaving on a jet plane soon but her long hair is already air bound. With her hair parted on the side the balance is a bit heavier on one side, giving her a dynamic air. It takes a good styling technique with a limited use of the brush, much over the head blow drying and a good handful of volumizing and curl enhancing mousse to create this work of art and to make it last.
Single accents, especially around her face and in the fringe can be helped along with by a thick curling iron. While drying the hair is best kneaded with the hands and gently tossed into its final shape.

Ethnic Semi Upstyle

Half updo with a thick ponytail
Ponytail bound with satin ropes
This half updo with its thick ponytail and the elaborate top is influenced by ethnic styles from all around the cultures of the world. The deep henna red hair color enhances this effect as do the colored bands that are braided into the structure that graces her crown.
Two thick rows of french braided hair reach from the triangle above her forehead all the way into the back. The remaining hair was bound to a ponytail with satin ropes, which are used liberally around the base and as little eye catchers hanging and even exceeding the length of the hair.

Rustic Cornrows Reinvented

Long hair with cornrow braids
Brown hair with colorful leather bands
She is ready for battle with her braided hairstyle that would have made Braveheart proud. Five cornrow like braids run over her crown and are further adorned with yellow and orange bands that are woven into them.
Another thick braid adds a wonderful asymmetry to this poetic look and the rest of the hair flows as free as the wind accompanied by more colorful leather bands that are about a foot longer than her reddish brown hair.
Hair: Paul Gehring for ALCINA
Make-up: Fabrizio Camponeschi
Photography: Carlo Battillocchi