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Romantic Look by BUNDY BUNDY

The New Business Look by BUNDY BUNDY
How do we go to the office tomorrow? The creative team of BUNDY BUNDY took this occasion to contemplate that question. As the favourite hairdressers for the Austrian elite in the communities of art, economics and society, Hans and Georg Bundy aren't simply required to reproduce the prêt-à-porter trends in hair styling on a one-to-one basis.
The wearability of each hairstyle and individual type consulting are their top concerns. For opinion leaders, BUNDY BUNDY suggests in their Spring Collection soft pageboy cuts, layered bobs and the popular shoulder-length style with a flattering asymmetrical touch.
  • hair falling over the shoulder
  • hairstyle for a shy look
  • haircut for a slender chin
  • classic short hair hair style
  • high volume hairdo
  • short curly hairstyle
  • hair gathered at the  nape
  • man with curls
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The New Romantic Look by BUNDY BUNDY
Do you recognise these three women? All hairstyles show the same three models! This exemplifies one of the great bonuses of the BUNDY BUNDY-philosophy - each and every Bundy haircut can effortlessly be styled into three or four completely different moods. Your Bundy stylist demonstrates the necessary techniques and explains how and with which professional products you can achieve the desired effects.
The New Hair Couture by BUNDY BUNDY
That special hairstyle for that big "appearance" - in this segment of hairstyling, BUNDY BUNDY lead the way. Hans and Georg Bundy and their team of hairstyling professionals are highly regarded both in Austria and abroad for their know-how in the art of hairstyling for special occasions. For instance: A client has an award ceremony or a theater premiere scheduled.
Taking into account her planned apparel as well as her personal character, the Bundy Team prepares a lavish couture creation. Here their unique craftsmanship and creativity come to climax. Whether experienced dealing with hairpieces or skilled braiding techniques come into play, the result is surely exquisite. But the Bundy concept is by no means elitist - any Bundy customer can take advantage of this V.I.P. service for any special occasion.
Neo-Romantic by BUNDY BUNDY
Softly cascading textures, romance, a multitude of cultural styles and the latest attitudes and prêt-à-porter trends are all influences found in the Spring Look. BUNDY BUNDY believes in "different strokes for different folks". They have haircutting solutions for the business woman as well as for the avant-gardist.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team