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The New Business Look by BUNDY BUNDY
How do we go to the office tomorrow? The creative team of BUNDY BUNDY took this occasion to contemplate that question. As the favorite hairdressers for the Austrian elite in the communities of art, economics and society, Hans and Georg Bundy aren't simply required to reproduce the prêt-à-porter trends in hair styling on a one-on-one basis.
The wearability of each hairstyle and individual type consulting are their top concerns. For opinion leaders, BUNDY BUNDY suggests in their Spring 02 collection soft pageboy cuts, layered bobs and the popular shoulder-length style with a flattering asymmetrical touch.
The New Romantic Look by BUNDY BUNDY
Do you recognize these three women? All hairstyles show the same three models! This exemplifies one of the great bonuses of the BUNDY BUNDY philosophy - each and every Bundy haircut can effortlessly be styled into three or four completely different moods. Your Bundy stylist demonstrates the necessary techniques and explains how and with which professional products you can achieve the desired effects.
The New Hair Couture by BUNDY BUNDY
That special hairstyle for that big "appearance" - in this segment of hairstyling, BUNDY BUNDY lead the way. Hans and Georg Bundy and their team of hairstyling professionals are highly regarded both in Austria and abroad for their know-how in the art of hairstyling for special occasions. For instance: A client has an award ceremony or a theater premiere scheduled.
Taking into account her planned apparel as well as her personal character, the Bundy Team prepares a lavish couture creation. Here their unique craftsmanship and creativity come to climax. Whether experienced dealing with hairpieces or skilled braiding techniques come into play, the result is surely exquisite. But the Bundy concept is by no means elitist - any Bundy customer can take advantage of this V.I.P. service for any special occasion.
Neo-Romantic by BUNDY BUNDY
Softly cascading textures, romance, a multitude of cultural styles and the latest attitudes and prêt-à-porter trends are all influences found in the Spring Look. BUNDY BUNDY believes in "different strokes for different folks". They have haircutting solutions for the business woman as well as for the avant-gardist.

Hair over the Shoulder

Shoulder length hair styled over the shoulder
Vibrant lemon-yellow color showcases the smooth curves and styling of this blunt haircut. Shoulder length in the back and sides with a long fringe area falling to the nose, the hair is styled in smooth sweeping curves to create an asymmetrical silhouette.
The hair is parted on the far left side with a back-angled line, and the recessive side is smoothed back to follow the nape and merge with hair over the right shoulder.
The fringe area is swept into a gentle S-bend and drapes dramatically across the right eye.

Hairstyle for a Shy Look

Short hairstyle with the hair styled across the face for a shy look
Sleek, straight styling and a warm, rich auburn color characterize this short hairstyle based on a basic blunt bob with smoothly textured ends.
The styling features a far side part and soft, straight blow-dried curves (most likely with a round brush).
The ends of the hair gently bend under and lightly caress the skin with feathery touches.
Again, this style angles in a drape across the right side of the face and creates a demure, shy look.

Hairstyle for a Slender Chin

Short hairstyle for women with a slender chin
The modern trend toward choppier and edgier haircuts transforms this classic bob-with-fringe into a forward-thinking professional look.
Multidimensional ebony hair color makes great a medium for the more-modest, yet modern, styling. The short hair is layered, and the ends of the hair are textured with a razor tool.
The brow-length fringe is side-swept, following a curved line and the end lengths are flared out give a sense of broadness to the slender chin by creating a horizontal draw at the jaw line.

Hairstyle for a Romantic Look

Short gamine hairstyle for a romantic look
Here we see a short hairstyle that features elements of different classic looks. The rear sections are cut short in gamine fashion, as with many super-short, wedge styles. The forward sections are left longer with a little layering to balance the amount of bulk.
The hair is styled with a bit of curl to add volume and visual interest, though the length and product used is sufficient to allow for free movement and play in the hair.
The curl can be natural or crafted, and general styling involves blow-drying with scrunching techniques to maximize the natural wave, followed by use of a curling wand if needed or desired.

High Volume Style

High volume hairstyle with longer lengths in the forehead area
This high-volume layered hairstyle features increasing lengths from the nape and crown areas lengthening as you move forward into the forehead area.
The color is a dark, smoldering ginger-red. The styling incorporates high-lift and curl in diffused blow-dry styling.
The result is a flowing hairstyle that sweeps forward and creates an asymmetrical silhouette. The look may not work for many, but makes a creative statement.

Short Curly Hair Style

Short naturally curly hair
This is a variant on the wedge style in a short curly hair medium. The hair is layered with a peak of bulk that hovers just below the parietal ridge.
The color is a cool, shiny black shade that reflects and refracts the light that shines upon it.
Styled to maintain the hair's natural curl (with a diffused blow-dryer) or styled to add curl (by wrapping with heated rollers or curling wand) the layered haircut is textured at the ends for a softer, defined finish.
The style works with moderate hold styling product and scrunching.

Hair Drawn Back

Hair drawn back and gathered at the nape of the neck
Rich, brown color and smooth satiny styling. This hairstyle features what appears to be a blunt cut with sufficient length to allow the hair to be drawn back and gathered at the nape of the neck.
With cleanly defined center parting, the hair is dried carefully to a mostly dry state and smoothed using a natural bristle brush.
If you wish to duplicate this style, try drying that hair only to a mostly dry state and brush into place.
If there is problem with flyaway strands, try misting the hair lightly with hairspray and using the edge of the natural bristle brush to smooth the hair down.

Men's Style for Very Curly Hair

Men's hairstyle suited to very curly hair types
In our men's style for this collection, we see a layered cut executed on a head full of curls. The tapered lengths with a rounded top and crown are meant to manage the bulk and volume of the hair. As a result, the haircut is ideally suited to very curly hair types.
As with most curly hairstyles, it is critical to exercise care with styling (particularly drying) in order to minimize the frizz and fuzziness that can result from overly dry curly hair.
Use a diffused hair dryer and leave-in conditioner and never attempt to fully dry the hair. A light-hold styling product can offer control and manageability for curly hair and can be freshened up with a simple spritz of water or extra leave-in conditioner and scrunching to add definition and control fuzz.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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