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Cool hair
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BUNDY BUNDY's trend report:
Welcome to the age of Aquarius: for its unique "Easy Look" that guarantees a maximum of styling variations to everyone who wears it, BUNDY BUNDY's artistic team was inspired by the prêt-à-porter looks created by top designers such as Noten, Dolce & Gabbana and Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga, with all its floral splendor and bloom, pastel shades and trendy references to the flower power era.
Trendsetters, especially Agyness Deyn, the fashionable British model, and Kylie Minogue were the inspiration for the creation of this new star look.
BUNDY BUNDY's new trendy colors:
BUNDY BUNDY's trendy collection for the spring/summer 08 season is dominated by brilliant shades of blond. Thanks to a newly created coloring technique (Luxury Shades, developed by BUNDY BUNDY's artistic team), they achieve harmonious, shining nuances of color by using a variety of highlights in different colors.
This technique requires the stylist to treat each strand of hair separately. The result is absolutely stunning. As a highlight, stylists at BUNDY BUNDY developed a unique copper red, a stylish platinum blonde and a trendy champagne shade.
BUNDY BUNDY's trendy haircuts:
For the spring/summer season, BUNDY BUNDY's artistic team designed cool hairstyles that not only look very cool when perfectly styled but also when worn in the current bedroom look and never lose their radiance. Influenced by bob cuts, fringes and variations of page-boy cuts, these styles are highly versatile.
These haircuts can be styled into straight hairdos, but also allow for a romantic look or a variation with curls. The secret lies in their soft lines. Every haircut allows for at least three styling variations - just see for yourself!

Swing Hairstyle Variant

Swing hairstyle with longer forward lengths that frame the face
This short hairstyle, crafted in hair of a golden blonde tone, is a softened variant of the classic swing style, characterized by the longer forward lengths framing the face and styled to hang loosely and move freely.
The rear sections are layered to contour to the shape of the skull and are edged by a feathered perimeter. Rather than a part in the style, the hair expands from a point at the rear corner of the head and is styled forward and down along the forehead and sides of the face.
Styling is likeliest to be achieved via blow-drying using a round brush with a light styling product. Follow this with a dab of pomade raked through the hair to create definition among the strands.

Super-Straight Hair

Haircut for super-straight hair with a fringe below the brows
Here we see the look of a near classic shag cut in super-straight hair. The hair color is a warm, honeyed blonde with lots of depth and dimension.
While the classic shag often enhanced the look of the layers, this incarnation's goal is to create a smooth shape as evident in the perimeter lines of the hairstyle - the closely cut fringe that follows below the brow and curves to caress the cheeks and stroke the neck.
Styling needs a blow-dryer and flat brush with light, or even no, styling product (or leave in conditioner only). After the hair is dried, use a flat iron to smooth any remaining volume and bulk into sleek, flat lines.

Haircut for Round & Wide Faces

Flattering hairstyle for round and wide face shapes
Pale, buttery blonde color and a textured blunt cut characterize this hairstyle.
A clean, horizontal fringe and straight styling emphasize the vertical lines of the face, making the style flattering for wider or round face shapes.
Blown-straight with a flat brush, the hair can also be smoothed with a flat iron and made sleek and shiny. Keep things lightweight as far as styling products and finishing techniques go. This will make the hair easy to manage and flexible.

Full-Bodied Hairstyle

Long full-bodied hairstyle for naturally curly hair
Lots of volume and lots of layers make this hairstyle full-bodied and full of visual interest. The cut and styling work best on hair that is naturally curly, but can be duplicated in straighter hair types with a little extra effort.
The base cut is a long shag with steeper layers in the lower portions and shorter layering in the upper-side, top and crown sections.
The color is a warm medium blonde color that creates multitudes of light reflections and interplay in the curls thanks to the texture of the hair.
Style the hair using a diffused dryer with a medium-hold styling product and the fingers to scrunch the hair. A light misting of hairspray and a pat or scrunch with allow the creation of definition and the refreshment of the style.

High-Volume Hairstyle

Short and simple hairstyle with curl and high volume
Another high-volume hairstyle with lots of visual interest is created on a canvas of golden blonde color with milky highlights.
The cut is short, a simple, blunt cut and is styled with maximum curl which creates a lot of volume in the sides of the style. This is emphasizing the horizontal lines of the face.
Styling is best accomplished using a diffused dryer and a combination of a styling brush and the fingers with a medium hold product in order to direct the wave and curl in the directions you desire.
Use the brush to keep the volume down in the top and crown of the head and the fingers to scrunch the curl on the sides of the head.

Crisp and Sleek Curls

Short hairstyle with crisp and sleek curls
Here we see a carefully sculpted and structured short hairstyle. The cut is a basic circle cut, the length of which is carefully gauged to balance the face and assure a sense of proportion.
The hair is blow-dried with a firm-hold styling product and the curls are crafted using a large barrel curling iron. Sections are carved in random sizes and shapes for a natural look and to prevent gaps and curl marks.
Effort is maintained to keep the curls crisp and sleek for a cleanly defined and crafted look.

Style for Very Curly Hair

Hairstyle for women with very curly hair
This style is full of volume and is best suited to those with very curly hair. The hair is cut in a long layered hairstyle in order to even out the level of bulk in the hair.
The hair is styled with a diffused dryer and the fingers and is scrunched gently to maintain the curls' integrity then loosely wound into a twist at the nape of the neck. Tendrils of hair are left free to frame the face in a soft halo.
The finished look is misted with hairspray to ensure hold and to control the level of fuzziness in the overall look.

Full-Volume Hair Styling

Short haircut with curls and tapered layers on the sides
This is a modified wedge cut with full-volume styling. The short haircut is characterized by tapered layering on the sides. The bottom edge of the sides and back are shorter than the layers at the top and are cut on an angle creating longer layers as the hair progresses to the parietal ridge. The top and crown sections are cut into more uniform layers.
The easiest manner of styling the hair without heat is by using a wet roller set to create soft curls and maximum volume. Carefully comb out the curls using your fingers or a wide-spaced styling brush.
A dab of pomade creates definition when raked through the hair and a misting of hairspray will give a polished finish and long-lasting hold.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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