Hairline Braid with a Twisted Bun - How To

hairline braid with a twisted bun
1. What you will need:
a. Wide-tooth comb
b. Tail-comb
c. Tease-comb
d. Clips
e. Hairspray and gloss-product
f.  Bobby-pins
tools and products for a hairline braid with bun
2. Use your tail-comb to separate the hair. Follow the line of the occipital ridge as a parting guideline. Secure the hair with a clip on top of the head. Brush the bottom section out to get rid of any tangles.
3. Use your tail-comb to make a side parting. Braid the hair in a plain three-strand braid along the hairline, down to the ear and the nape at the back. It’s important that you maintain good tension while braiding, so that the braid stays in place.
hair line braiding
4. When you get to the nape area, you’ll have to change the angle of your braid. Ask your model to adjust the angle of her head so that you can work more comfortably. If you’re doing the style on your own head, you’ll be able to adjust the angle for your own comfort. Tension is very important at the nape-are, as the braid tends to go slack here.
5. Follow this same procedure around the opposite side of the head as well, so that the braid follows the whole circumference of the head. Remember to keep your tension tight, and try to work as neat as possible. This may take some practice if you’re not experienced in doing braided styles.
braiding the hairline
6. Braid the hair until you reach its point of origin. Neatly tuck the tip of your braid into the inside fold of the origin-part of the braid, and secure it here with a bobby pin. Make sure that this is done discreetly so that the braid seems seamless, following the hairline like a halo. If you have dark hair, use a brown or black bobby-pin, If you’re blonde, use a sliver bobby-pin.
7. Loosen the hair that was secured on top of the head, and use your tail-comb to separate this region into three equal sections. Again secure the middle section to ensure that the sections keep apart. Neatly comb the hair out, being careful not to damage the braid.