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Modern and flattering updos for hair
The image of the beautiful women warriors of Greek mythology lives on in Raffel Pages' new collection. Beauty and strength are expressed in elaborate updos that would have made the amazon queen Penthesilea jealous. The weapons might have changed but the amazon spirit lives on in modern women.
Pages' looks share some classic lines with antiquity and are worthy of a very special occasion. Playful accents and a soft construction put together with sparkling creativity make these looks modern and flattering for a glamorous and powerful appearance.

Backroll with Wings

Updo with the hair pulled back
Updo with a casual feel
A beautiful variation on the ponytail comes flying in with soft wings that are styled along the sides. The hair is pulled back with much lightness and a casual feel. The teased and sprayed edges of the side sections are away from the head to give them their wing like character.
The back is a play on a banana roll that makes the base for the long and thick ponytail, which spills out at her nape. Elaborate technique creates a look of simplicity and elegance with a good hint of eccentricity, the perfect companion to an strapless or open back dress.

Braids and Curls

Updo with curls and braided accents
Up style with thick braids
Combining large curls and braided accents creates a beautiful texture in the hair that makes the eyes wander and discover more and more details. With its regal height, this look is truly fit for a queen, feather cape or not.
A mass of hair was piled up in a round shape on top of the head with narrow sides and just a few loose strandlings whisping out. Her forehead is guarded on the left and right with two thick braids that snake up from behind the ears and eventually get lost in the curly decadence that consists of well defined locks but also a touch of messy and wild.

Braided Chignon

Updo with a braided chignon
Up style with a thick braid
Braids are a great way to keep hair under control and to look fabulous with a classic vibe. Her vanilla colored hair is slung back to shape soft curves on the sides to frame her face. A center part spreads its minimalistic charm, but around the back there is nothing simple about this updo.
A thick braid is slung around a center and pinned to a beautiful patterned chignon. Just a couple of strands fall into her face and get her ready for a romantic battle.

Roped Upstyle

Roped upstyle
Up style with twisted hair
With this huge rope on her head she is out to capture lonely hearts. A little Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and a bit of Athena create an irresistible mix of classic and modernity.
The alluring headpiece is constructed starting with a high ponytail. The length of the hair is then twisted in itself and a thinner strand is rolled around it for more texture. Having some highlights in the hair increases the sculptural effect. The front ends are tugged under for a quiff like structure that hovers over her face.
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