Four-strand Braid

  • Four-strand braid with clip-in hair extensions
  • How to make a four-strand braid
  • Tools and hair products to make a four-strand braid

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What you will need:
a. Clip-in hair extensions
b. Bobby-pins
c. Hairspray
d. Combs
e. Clips
1. Comb all the hair to the back of the model’s head. It is very important that you get rid of all the knots and tangles, as these will make the formation of the four-strand braid impossible. If your hair is very curly, it will be best to first flat-iron your hair. Curls will make the pattern of the braid difficult to pull off.
2. Make a horizontal parting from temple to occipital bone with the sharp end of your tail-comb. Securely clip the hair on the crown side with a clip to keep it out of the way. This is where you will be inserting the clip-in extensions, so make sure that you choose a spot where you have enough hair to cover the attaching point of the extensions at a later stage, especially if your model has thin hair or a receding hair line at the temple area.
  • Four-strand braid hair extensions diagram
  • Four-strand braid - Get rid of knots and hair tangles
  • Four-strand braid - Make a horizontal parting
  • Four-strand braid - Insert clip-in hair extensions

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3. Insert the clip-in extensions on the parting. Make sure that the extension is securely inserted, and that the clip of the extension is not pulling painfully at the model’s hair or causing her any pain. If she does experience pain caused by the extension, take it out and attach it again until the model is comfortable.
4. Release the clip and flip over the hair from the crown side; to cover the point of origin of the extension. It’s fine if the clips of your extensions are still showing slightly. The goal here is to make sure that you’ll be able to effectively camouflage the clips when the braiding is done. Gently comb the hair and the extension hair together so that it meshes. Take care not to dislodge the extensions while combing though.
  • Four-strand braid - Cover the point of origin of the hair extensions
  • Four-strand braid - Diagram showing how to divide the hair in sections
  • How to braid a 4 strand plait
  • Four-strand braid - Hair braided in a relaxed fashion

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5. Divide the hair into four small sections/strands. It is important in this case that the strands are quite thin, as thicker sections of hair will not depict the pattern of the braid effectively. This is also why using the extensions in this braid is so much fun, as it throws the distinctive pattern of the braid into sharp relief.
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