Essential by Raffel Pages

Modernized hairstyles with elongated lines
New touches, surprising effects and exaggerated lines define this collection of hairstyles that Raffel Pages considers to be essentials. In this new collection he uses classic styles and modernizes them by elongating lines, adding exciting color accents or wraps, twists and twirls the hair into fairy tale upstyles.
He focuses on the colors blonde and brunette as they are the most popular and wide spread. Feminine soft lines with powerful design elements create a modern chic with a fresh and delightfully extravagant spirit.

Angled Hairstyle

Forward angled blonde hair
Hairstyle with an angled cutting line
With this ingenious strike Raffel Pages pushed the classic A-line beyond its limits. The shape of the forward angled line is reproduced with a distinct layering and rounded styling that runs from the upper nape down to her chin.
What is new is the longer sub layer that covers her neck, but does not distract from the popular shape. The hair is parted on the side and features a smooth fringe with artfully disheveled tips. A smooth blonde hair color is given much light and shadow with gentle tones of beige and dark blonde.

A-Line Bob with Movement

Layered A-line bob with curl and movement
A great way to spruce up your bob is to add a little curl here and there. It is not as random as it may look, but every curve and curl has a plan in its playfulness. Use a curling iron to add some accents to long fringes. Asymmetrical is even more exciting.
This layered A-line bob was styled for volume and movement by blow drying the hair over a round brush and pulling it forward at the same time. Finger style and spray for the perfect finish!

Rebellious Bangs

Short rounded hairstyle with bangs and highlights
Bring a little rebellion into your fringe and show the world that you are dancing to your own tune. All that is needed are a few long strands that break up the smooth line of the fringe. Her page boy inspired round cut uses this great effect in one half of her bangs just off to the side of her nose. The textured, irregular tips are cut in an angle with the longest part touching the corner of her lips.
Color was also used to accentuate the shape and the special effect of this daredevil look. Highlights in thin and wider strands were applied in an organized and symmetrical way to pronounce the curve of the round top part.

Diagonal Highlights

Short hairstyle with bangs and diagonal styling
With a diagonal styling this unique haircut takes on a different character. The formerly rebellious strands that stood out against the rest of the fringe are now integrated and swept away towards the side of the thick and long bangs.

Braid above the Forehead

Updo with a rolled up braid
Braids don't always have to be in the back or on the sides. A thick braid is especially sexy when rolled up like a dreamy snake just above her forehead. The hair was brushed up to the anchor point in the frontal crown area and then braided in a herringbone pattern before the entire braid was rolled to this loose chignon.
Some thin unbound hair all around softens the look more with its fluffy and fuzzy texture. Her natural strawberry blonde hair color is perfect with her light skin tone both of which make the orange lipstick pop out extraordinarily.

Frontal Chignon

Hairstyle with a frontal chignon
This fabulous bun needs a little help from the inside out. Unless you have a huge amount of hair, you will have to use a foam insert around which the hair is wrapped. First tie it to a ponytail on one side of the forehead, pull it all through the whole in the donut shape and fasten it with little pins. Pull out some loose strands for lightness and charm and there you go.
A most glamorous and extravagant evening style is all yours. Wear it with anything, but don't forget a couple of strings of pearls. Forget the less is more rule this time!

Braided Finesse

Upstyle with a side braid
A fairy tale of an upstyle with a most refined twist. Just a touch of a braid sits at the lower corner of the billowy creation that hovers over the left side of her face. You can, of course, create it on either side, whichever you are more comfortable with. It will take some teasing of the hair and not too much smoothing out for this frothy surface.
The ends of the hair are slung around each other for the indicated braid and then tugged under and attached.

Knotted and Tied

Party hairstyle with knotted and braided hair
Whether you tie the famous knot or just go to a posh party, this hairstyle will not let you be overlooked. It is indeed composed of knots, curls, twisted strands and loose braidings, all arranged in a happy parade around the center of a thick bun.
A very refined and playful style that reflects the deep artistic spirit of Barcelona, the home of Raffel Pages' Salons. A variety of blonde shades from vanilla to beige bring life to the coloring.

Neoclassic Artistry

Partially braided upstyle with long tendrils
This modern Medusa wears her hair in a most exquisite upstyle that is partially braided. A thick bun like structure is in the center of it all and almost invisible from all of the exciting movement of the long tendrils that are slung around each other on her crown and softly fall down the sides. It is a great touch to tug one or two of them behind an ear and to let the rest roam free.
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