Hair inspired by the 1960s
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Back to the future!
Hans and Georg Bundy and the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team found their inspiration in the groundbreaking styles of the 1960s. The enormous creative potential of celebrities in this era, like Rudi Gernreich, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, served as examples to follow for a new interpretation of then-popular styles.
After all, yesterday's pioneers had the same ambition as Austria's leading stylists at BUNDY BUNDY have today: creating never before seen classic styles by combining advanced hairstyling skills with the latest technical innovations.
The new trendy wave
"Next season's hottest hairstyles will probably be smooth page-boy cuts, possibly combined with slightly waved bangs", say the Austrian trend experts Hans and Georg Bundy. After the page-boy cut with layered bangs had been popular for a long time, the latest trends focus on clear-cut styles.
Unlike the original styling from the 1960s, the new looks created by BUNDY BUNDY are light and structured, thanks to sophisticated cutting techniques. While hairstyles from back then only allowed for a single kind of styling, the BUNDY BUNDY haircuts can be transformed into many different hairstyles.
Trendy new shades
This season, BUNDY BUNDY will enhance your hair's natural luminosity and shine. This is achieved with new and gentle coloring products that nurture your hair and by employing expert highlighting techniques. These are the trendy BUNDY BUNDY shades for the 2005/6 fall/winter season: radiant shades of silver and golden blond, lovely chocolate and cocoa shades and mystic blue black.
There's no doubt that glowing copper red will be the hippest and most unconventional hair color in the fall. Our style experts at BUNDY BUNDY will carefully select the perfect hair color for you. This is just one of many aspects where BUNDY BUNDY makes a difference...

1960s Mod Haircut

1960s mod haircut for red hair that is undercut
Here we have an up-to-date version of a mod haircut which originated in the 1960s. This hairstyle is updated through the use of modern hair color formulations, namely this rich, jewel-toned red.
A close look may seem to hint that this sleek, bowl-cut style appears similar to the shoulder length tendril haircut and it is true. This is a progression step from the cut in photo four to a fully symmetrical cut. The haircut features a smoothly transitioning cut line that paths around the head.
The hair is undercut to minimize bulk at the hairline and increase freedom of movement in the ends of the hair. The cut is styled with blow-dryer and brush to emphasize smoothness and a simple, sleek look.

Purdy Hairstyle

1960s purdy hairstyle with a fringe that curves into a side fringe
Short blonde haircut inspired by the 1960s purdy
These images show two angles of the same style, which is inspired by a classic 1960s look: the Purdy. The foreground of the cut and style is a fringe area that curves to follow the brow line and curves sharply into side a fringe that frames the jaw line. The rear portion of the hairstyle features a contoured layer-cut that follows the curve of the skull and neck.
The hair color is the lightest of blonde shades in a whipped heavy cream tone. Styled by blow-drying with a brush using a texturing product, the look is enhanced by the definition of the layers for a more pieced style.

Shoulder Length Tendril

Short hairstyle with asymmetry and a shoulder length tendril
This is a near duplication of the mod haircut except for the added asymmetry of the left side length. The shoulder length tendril is actually a product of the curvature of the hairline around the nape, as it gradually angles down into a point over the left shoulder.
In this style the hair is colored a more subdued, yet spicy, red and styled in the same, smooth, sleek manner.

Inward Curve

Pudding bowl haircut with undercutting and inward beveling
Here we see another variation of the Pudding Bowl cut with an exaggeration of the traditional look. The traditional curved perimeter is undercut to create a deep inward curve in the finished hairstyle. This undercutting likely takes the form of shaving partially and an inward beveling of the perimeter lengths.
The hair color is a high-gloss sable with a blue-base tone. This creates a cool feel to the dark color. The styling is once again focused on smooth and sleek looks, with a finish that is glossy.

Modern Abstract Hairstyle

Modern up-style with close-cropped sides and a knot at the nape
A modern, abstract up-style that features a short fringe with an inverted curvature and a deeply-set side parting, it has close-cropped sides and gets styled back toward the nape where it forms a knot and the ends are then sculpted into wide ribbons and coiled into an almost bow-like shape.
The styling is best created by drying the hair mostly dry with a strong-hold styling product and brushing it smooth with a natural bristle brush. Once gathered at the nape of the neck, the hair can be divided into segments and smoothed into ribbons with the fingers and a comb and shaped as desired to create the look you want. Allow these finger curls to dry fully while pinned carefully into place.

Modernized Bob

Sleek modernized bob with a rounded silhouette
The bob - that classic geometric cut - is updated and modernized by the addition of subtle shaping and ultra-smooth styling. The rich dark mahogany color is a perfect canvas for the simple lines and sleek styling.
With horizontal lines at the fringe and bottom cut line of the hairstyle, the hair is gently curved into a pleasantly rounded silhouette. Gentle blow-dry styling with emphasis on smoothness is the norm for this haircut.

Straight Men's Hairstyle

Long men's hairstyle with clean-cut lines
In many ways, men's hairstyles are as varied as women's, specifically when unfettered by the restrictions imposed by social groups - whether familial, peer-related, or organizational. This haircut is a longer than traditional look, yet is decidedly masculine with clean cut lines and bold styling.
The warm rich hair color is a chestnut brown and features darker hints of low-lighting. The straight styling is simple: deep-set side parting and sleek, smooth styling for a satin-finished look.

Backswept Styling

Hair for men with backswept styling along the sides
The longer men's haircut makes the grade once again in a changed styling arrangement. By switching the side of the parting, and adding gel styling product, the hair is reworked into a livelier look.
Use a blow-dryer and brush to add lift at the scalp and impart a defined bend at the forehead. The styling also consists of a texturing product and backswept styling along the sides for an edgier hairstyle inspired by the "tough guys" of every era.

Classically Inspired Bob

Classically inspired bob with clean curved lines and ultra-sleek styling
A classically inspired bob brought into an up-to-date format through the use of clean curved lines and ultra-sleek styling.
A slightly off-center parting divides the top section of the hair and creates a subtly bulkier area on the right side of the parting, while the crown area is sectioned to create architectural elements that make the hairstyle more interesting.
It's these architectural elements that transform a simple short hairstyle into one suited to a red carpet or gala runway.

Long Men's Hairstyle

Longer men's hairstyle for a look that is grunge with a modern twist
This longer than traditional men's hairstyle is made unique through the addition of texturing and more-defined weight lines in the upper layers of the hair. The lower layers are gently beveled at the nape area. The styling is super-straight and textured with a sculpting product.
Following blow-out using a flat paddle brush, the hair is textured with a dab of pomade to add definition to the strands and possibly some flat iron pressing to give rigidity to the look. The finished effect is one that is moderately grunge with a modern twist.

Modern Pixie-cut

Pixie-cut with an elongated sideburn tapered to the jaw line
The "gamine" cut became popularized in the 1960s and took a variety of interpretations, from super-short pixie-crops to the stylized versions of traditional men's cuts. Here we see a modern twist on the pixie-cut with an elongated sideburn that is smoothly tapered to the jaw line.
The rear sides and back are contour cut and the fringe is blunt cut on the horizontal line. The color - a buttermilk blonde - is an ideal medium for the somewhat severe hairstyle, giving it a bit of glam.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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