French Roll with Clip-in Extensions - How To

Clip-in hair extensions for contrasting hair colors
1. What you will need:
a. Tail comb
b. Teasing comb
c. Wide tooth comb
d. Brush
e. Bobby pins
f.  Clip-in extensions
g. Hairspray
Tools and products for clip-in extensions with a French roll
2. Use the back end of your tail comb to make a side parting. This is where you'll be attaching the clip-in extension.
3. Neatly attach the clip-in extension on the line of the side parting that you made. Ensure that the extension is securely clipped to the hair, and that it is done as neatly as possible. You don’t want people to be able to see the line of the extension when you’ve completed the style.
How to apply clip-in hair extensions
4. Use the back end of your tail comb to make another parting, and then clip this section of hair up with a crocodile clip. This is the section of hair that you will use later on to disguise the line where you inserted the clip-in extension. Make sure you give yourself enough hair to work with.
5. Neatly comb the hair at the back, to the side. Spray the hair with hairspray and comb it again. Work as neatly as you can, as this will ensure that you have less tidying up work to do at the end. When you have extensive hair to try and tidy at the end, you risk ruining the hairstyle while combing stray hair.
How to create a French roll
6. Insert bobby pins slightly off centre at the back of the head from parietal ridge to nape area, in a criss-cross fashion. This is the structure line of your French roll. Make sure that the bobby pins are secure and aren’t pulling painfully at any hairs of your model.
7. Roll your hair up as neatly as you can to form the roll of the French roll. Comb and spray as you go to ensure a neat outcome. Secure the roll with bobby pins discreetly inserted in the fold between the roll and the scalp. Make sure that you can’t see the bobby pins.
8. Spray and gently comb the hair with the end of your teasing comb, from the front of the hairline to the roll, to flatten any stray hairs. Do this very carefully and gently, as you can ruin the precision of the style if you comb unevenly.
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