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40 Plus Hairstyle - Brooke Shields

Our girl Brook Shields was at the 37th Annual Chaplin Award Gala that honored Michael Douglas in New York on May 24, 2010.
She wore her warm rich chestnut hair in loose knitted coils that hung below her shoulders. Her long top hair was coiffed in waves on both sides and then, meshed with the rest of her hair.

Shields' long hairstyle would be easy if you are up to the continual use of a spiral/curling iron. Her powder blue satin mini dress is worn with the heavy black sash.
Brooks's makeup is set with a matt foundation and she keeps her famous eyebrows intact perhaps with a little brow spray. There is a light shadow, eyeliner, lashes and mascara. She is wearing a light blush and matching lip tint. The lighting isn't complimentary to her classic rich good looks, nor is her powder blue dress color. A forest green would look good on Brook and she has such a great figure I think something more tailored would be more elegant.
Brooke Shields wearing a satin mini dress Brooke Shields wearing a blue satin dress Brooke Shields - Hairstyle for women aged over 40
We are used to seeing her with her long hair and in those commercials we see all of the time, what if a new coiffure would do even more for her? I would like to give Brook an intense choppy shag complete with light fluffy bangs that would give her some new bounce and punch. Can't you just see it!
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