Long Bangs with a Swoop

Selita Ebanks with long hair and swoop bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Selita Ebanks was seen at the Target East Harlem Grand Opening in New York City on July 20, 2010 and she wore her long dark brown/black hair in ripples of thready waves and curls that fell below her shoulders.
Her long bangs came from an angled part and were given a large swoop that brushed up against her high cheek bone and to rest along her side. Her wide round gold necklace surely made her look like a Princess.
There is a lot of bronzing involved in Selita's makeup because of her flattering olive and dark tones of skin. Her eyebrows are kept in a neat arch with light shadow in the inner creases of her eyes and a darker shadow brought up and out.
Eyeliner is seen inside of her eyes and also on the top of her lids and below her lower lashes. There is eye lashes and mascara, very little blush if any and a natural luminescent taupe lip tone.
Today's hum is to look natural and many of today's most public faces aren't wearing much color. Selita has that lovely warm skin tones and would look best with coral lip and blush tones.
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