Cady McClain Hair

Cady McClain - Elegant long hairstyle with curls
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Cady McClain glistened at the Daytime Emmy Awards Kick-Off Celebration.
It wasn't just her reflective outfit, either. It was everything about Cady: her ensemble, her smile and her gorgeous medium blonde hair color. Ms. McClain's hair color is an overall medium blonde with thin highlights woven through out to keep her hair color looking shiny.
She also uses many products specifically for blondes (shampoo, conditioner, weekly treatments and shine sprays) to maintain that healthy glow. Cady's hair style for this event is both elegant and easy to do yourself!
Begin by parting the hair to one side and putting the bottom few pieces in a low, side ponytail leaving the top and most of the hair out of the ponytail. After all the hair has been brought over and secured with a clear band, spray the hair with a hair spray to help further secure the style. Pin the top pieces up and out of the way so that you can easily work with the ponytail.
Curl the pieces in the ponytail first and secure curls with a powerful hair spray. Next, bring down the longest pieces from the top section and curl them. With the top layer, you want to make sure that you are curling back and away from the face. Use a shine spray that will illuminate the light that reflects off lighter colors, like blonde. Shiny hair gives the impression that the hair is healthy and who doesn't want that?!?
Cady McClain with stylish long hair
Photo by PR Photos
Cady McClain hair
Photo by PR Photos
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