Copper Hair Coloring & Spiral Curls

Bella Thorne with long copper hair in spiral cylinders
Photo by PR Photos
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Bella Thorne turned many heads when she sparkled for the photographers at the Variety's 4th Annual Power of Youth Event in Hollywood.
Her radiantly long tri-copper coloring hair was created in spiral cylinders that flowed below her shoulders. Her bangs were chopped and pieced in informal chunky gaps lending a lighthearted atmosphere.
Tip: A pretty shade of red such as Bella's hair will always draw attention at any gathering when it is shaped and styled to flatter the wearer whether it be long, medium or short. If there is need to bring out the pink hues in your skin tone, think of putting some red tones in your hair. A few panels of copper red around your face can bring tremendous results and even take off years.
Bella Thorne wearing a zebra print dress and leather boots
Photo by PR Photos
Talk to your colorist about it, she will see things about your skin tones and eyes that you haven't noticed and may already have a color in mind for you. A vibrant red such as Bella's will also bring out the color of your eyes, no matter what color they are; with the proper make up.
We can tell from the picture that Bella's makeup is natural with a minimum amount of mascara, blush and lip tint. If she were to have too much makeup it would take away from the color of her hair.
At times, people unknowingly cause a contradiction between their hair color and facial makeup. They war against each other for attention. Allow your hair to win and wear medium tones of good colors in your makeup and both the hair and makeup will complement each other.
Bella Thorne - Long red hair with spiral curls
Photo by PR Photos
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